• Ps3 slim controller not charging?

    I have this ps3 slim controller that is not charging... it was working fine until the battery went low, i ignored it and kept...


  • Answer to: Why my pc could not start open the system

    there's this bunch of sites that teach you to install the XP recovery CD to USB flash drive, i tried doing those tricks but still not succesfull all i got is boot somthin errors let me know if you find any easy steps for recovery CD to USB boot
  • Answer to: Is it possible to upgrade HDD?

    after you install the hard drive, it's going to ask you to plug in your USB controller, then device with system back up or update, [when i put mine on, it states an error so i downloaded the 3.30 update from official ps3 website to my USB drive, then Blam! the console formats my 500GB 2'5 inch western digital 5500rpm it took a while but never really had any problem during the upgrade process..