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We're actually a Japanese Travel and Export blog...

Despite being silly we take our work very seriously and were constantly expanding to find better resources to tackle our ever day challenges here at work. If you want to get in contact with us check us out at these other locations.

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A-さんis ready to hear your pleas for Japanese fluency. But to become fluent in Japanese you must accept his wisdom. A-さんis not a mythical creature, he is real and he lives in those who accept him for who he is and for the sacrifices he has made so that you may truly understand “Kore Ha Nan Desu Ka!” In it's truest of forms. Discover the history of A-さんand why it matters that you should let him inside you. Thumb through the archive of scripture that has been recently coming to light once again. A-さん is the true lord of Japanese fluency, it's time you begin your relationship with him.

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