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What I do at iFixit

I run iFixit's email program and support other assorted marketing efforts. Sign up to read my novice Star Wars jokes.

Why I work at iFixit

I'm not a naturally handy person. I come from a lineage of Midwestern farmers and DIYers, but I was born and raised in Silicon Valley and went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for journalism. In fact, you can usually find me consuming massive amounts of information via the Internet, consequently pondering the reasons for our existence, and then occasionally taking my body to yoga or the tennis court to remember I live a physical existence.

But I'd like to think that makes me one of the kinds of people iFixit wants to reach: someone who's concerned about the burning state of our world but is afraid to confront the material realities driving said state. Repair is an effective way to get in touch with the forces that shape our world and the Things that fill it. The most sustainable anything is the one that’s already in your pocket/apartment/car/house/hand, so every time we fix something instead of replacing it, the more we can focus on the more important things: our friends, family, hobbies, art, whatever makes us come alive. And, repair helps people believe in themselves, which is all we can really do sometimes.

That being said, I’ve replaced a few batteries in my year and a half at iFixit, and I'm currently diagnosing a hard drive issue in my own laptop. It feels pretty good.

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