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  • Answer to: Can I just swap a motherboard?

    as long as they are the same model number and service carrier you shouldnt have a problem
  • Answer to: iPhone 6 OIS - Conceptually It is possible maybe?

    If it was possible, they wouldve added it
  • Answer to: Do I need more glue/adhesive to reassemble the display assembly?

    Sometimes it will work, but i usually use some goofoff to take old adhesive off and use the new adhesive that comes with the screen
  • Answer to: How can I open up iPhone5s without a sucking cap?

    i dont even use one, just a thin spudger or piece of metal. start at lower right side, slide between metal and screen, slowly work it up and out of the clips
  • Answer to: Screen jumping with new digitizer/glass

    Here is your solution -
  • Answer to: What is the purpose of the spring near the rear camera

    I have also lost this spring while knocking out glass shards from the iPod body. After searching for a replacement and not finding one online (and searching the carpet for a solid 45 mins) I came up with a brilliant idea to try a filament from a MR16 bulb. The first I tried was too large and would not fit, but the second I tried worked like a charm and after reassembling device, was successful with no adverse effects. more specifically, i used a Philips Halotone 20w 12v aluminum reflector - model number 409355. this bulb here - break it open with caution! they are under pressure and WILL explode, sending glass shards. hope this helps to those who have lost this spring.
  • Answer to: iFixit iPod opening tools destroyed before job is done

    i've found guitar picks work the best for anything - iPods, iPads, etc
  • Answer to: Cooling system of the MacBook Pro (early 2011)

    Why dont you just call applecare,they ship you a box to ship it in, and its back in like a week
  • Answer to: After water damage, what parts to replace?

    theres actually nothing wrong with the digitizer/screen/lcd. When an iphone is dropped in water the first thing to get corroded is the connectors for the screen. Completely remove the logic board and clean it with distilled water and a tiny amount of dish soap, rinse it real good and let it dry for 2-3 days at least. Put it back together and youll be in business. people say alcohol but ive never had good luck with that. logic boards are about 100 bucks for a 8gig, but honestly i have a feeling its just the connection on the logic board is shorted from corrosion
  • Answer to: Help! No one can hear me when I answer a call on my ip4!

    Has it been dropped? All of the connectors are right where you mention, above the apple logo. I would follow the step-by-step guide found here to check the connections, otherwise, just take it back to the apple store. Its still under warranty and they will do it (or replace it with a new phone).


  • Retina Macbook 2015 Teardown

    ugh.....did you have to get political????? stick to repairing things. and just FYI dodd-frank is directly responsible for raising my CC APR from 5% to 18% amongst other things. Thanks, Dodd-Frank!

  • iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement

    Anyone have any idea why the 1.6mm screw is not magnetic? Just wondering why this screw seems to be made of aluminum, its the first screw of its kind as far as iphones go.

  • iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker Replacement

    There is a tiny black plastic spacer under the top screw, be sure not to lose this. It is easier to reinstall it after all of the parts have been transferred to the new screen including the front facing camera assembly. The spacer has a small cutout in it, which is positioned to the left side. Put this spacer in as the last step before reinstalling the metal speaker bracket, otherwise you risk losing it moving the screen around reattaching all the parts to the new screen.

  • iPhone 5 Front Panel Replacement

    As far as screens go, with the technology and build quality involved, I dont see this screen going under $200. Wasn't difficult at all, but there are still many steps involved. Great guide ifixit!

  • iPhone 5 Home Button Ribbon Cable Replacement

    Hit it and the home button with a little heat, it eases in removing the button and ribbon that have a little bit of adhesive.