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  • PSP backlight not working

    I have a PSP 1000 and the problem is the back light. I tried replacing the whole screen but the back light is still not worki...


  • Answer to: Why doesn't it turn on

    One easy check is the charger. Chargers normally come with a green light. If it has it and won't light up, then that's your problem. If it doesn't have this indicator, then you will need a multimeter to test for voltages. This is the most common problem with laptops. If after testing your charger, your computer still doesn't work, then you'll need to take your computer apart and check some objects on your motherboard, normally what pops is the voltage regulator called MOSFET.
  • Answer to: Why do my songs only play for 45 seconds?

    You should try restoring it to its factory conditions using iTunes. That's of course after you back up your music
  • Answer to: i'm getting a f28 error code

    Found this thread for you. Another owner is having the same problem. This thread teaches you how to reset your washer's memory and hopefully the error code. Good luck
  • Answer to: How to change loudspeakers on my iPhone 4?

    Depending on what portion broke, you'll need to order a new set of speakers. Make sure you use a heat gun to soften the glue and avoid damages. iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement
  • Answer to: Visible Dust Marks Behind LCD - Not Between the LCD and Glass

    It is recommended if your iMac is under warranty that you contact Apple care and have them resolve this issue. If your computer is not under warranty proceed with reasonable care. While the ifixit team would like to accommodate you and provide a guide with pictures of this procedure for your specific model there are none at the moment. Your best known method to solve your problem is to loosely follow the procedure, for the 27", in the link you provided. In following that thread several people have successfully done this repair on their 24" and have stated that the repair is easier on their model. Hopefully you will find the same to be true. Credit for this procedure goes to Oggy & lefterisgr of the MacRumors Forums. This repair is not for the faint of heart, but not extremely difficult either. 1. Remove the glass, unscrew the 10 torx screws, disconnect the 4 cables that attach the LCD panel to the boards. Remove them, but be very careful, especially with the wide flat cable that's close to the middle of the s...
  • Answer to: My PowerBook g4 12 1.33ghz hard drive fail ithink?

    You should try reinstalling the operating system to your second hand hard disk. Maybe it still has some information (including the password) from the previous owner and that's causing you this issue, and if it does, you will require the reinstallation cds :/. Good luck
  • Answer to: The Micro-USB is not firm enough, do I need to replace it?

    It is definitely soldered onto the main board, and you would need a fine soldering tip as it has 5 contacts really close from each other. If you are able to use your usb, then you just need to apply some solder on the usb bases, which need 4 blobs of solder on each corner (which makes it sturdy). If you wish to replace it then you would need to solder 5 contacts plus the additional 4 blobs for sturdiness.
  • Answer to: Why is the MBP not charging?

    Seems to be the MOSFET. It is possible to replace it but you might have trouble finding it. If you cannot find it then you will need to replace the motherboard. I say give it a shot and maybe you get it to work :D
  • Answer to: Where can you find schematics?

    It does sound like a dead capacitor. If you can't find the schematic, try looking for popped or leaked capacitors; all capacitors have their value printed onto them. Black spots on the pcb are also easy to spot to then change whatever caused such inferno ;).
  • Answer to: PC Keeps rebooting OS Windows 2000

    Try accessing safe mode with networking (tap f8 as soon as you power it up) and download Malwarebytes, which can be downloaded via If your issue is related to a virus, this small easy to use application will get rid of it. If this application yields to zero infections, then it could be hardware related, and we will require more information on how it happens. Good luck