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  • Answer to: How to replace the internal clock battery

    BTW, you might want to know before you open the case that the battery you are replacing is labeled &quot;ML1220/2E2E0X&quot;<wbr />, which is a small watch-style cmos button battery soldered to a wire pigtail, so it's ready to plug in. They can be found on ebay or Amazon; if you're paying more than $5 including shipping, you're being ripped off. Another option is un-solder the original, find a generic ML1220 battery, and then solder the old pigtail connector to it, using shrink-wrap tubing to seal things back up. [This battery is probably identical to the very common CR1220, both being 3V lithium button batteries. Dunno. Switch to a different model if you don't mind the uncertainty and risk.]
  • Answer to: "Aux" connector on airport card?

    I played around with these connections before sealing my machine back up. With no antenna cabled onto the tiny bluetooth board, I found I was unable to discover my Mac from my adjacent cell phone. But the bluetooth capability still showed up in the System Profiler, of course, despite the lack of a signal. So then I popped the connector off of that bluetooth board and connected the antenna to the &quot;Aux&quot; post on the Airport Extreme card. As I'd suspected, the System Profiler then couldn't find any bluetooth subsystem at all. So, the verdict: the Bluetooth board is the correct place to attach the secondary antenna in the A1176, despite some confusion. (At least one person is confused, since I got my used Mini with the Bluetooth antenna attached to the &quot;Aux&quot; post). Whether attaching a secondary antenna to the &quot;aux&quot; port might help the Mini get a strong signal is something I didn't look into. The idea Ralph found at of threading an aux antenna out of the back is intriguing though, especially since I get...
  • Answer to: DVD-RW making noises and not loading discs.

    Good to hear; I'm going to try the same thing. The mostly-working Mac Mini A1176 I just picked up also has a failing optical drive. It seems to have no problem with CDs and CDRs; occasionally reads DVDs and DVD-ROMs but usually spits 'em back out, and never accepts DVD-Rs or DVD+R/DLs (purple substrate). The existing drive claims to be a Matshita UJ-846-C (aka Panasonic) and is also labeled Apple Super 846CA. Checks seem to indicate the UJ846C costs around $50 on eBay and more at retail (although it seems to cost $199.95 here on ifixit). But several Panasonic UJ-846-Bs are selling for much less over on eBay, so I'm going to try that first.