• iPad 3G Teardown

    Quote from Jasper:

    Any chance of a weight breakdown for this version to compare to the WF one?

    50 grams extra. It says so right on Apple's own tech specs page, and I don't see why they would lie about it :) Seems about right from guesstimating the weight of the extra parts.

  • Apple A4 Teardown

    Quote from Edis0n:

    Except for the WiFi chip, all others are from 2007 (or before), so Apple had this going on for some time.

    Yes, they probably have been thinking about the iPad for some time, but I don't think the chips used are old because of that. If the chips do their job it makes sense from a cost perspective to use components that have been in production for a while, and thus are cheaper. Especially considering that the A4 must have cost Apple quite a bit to design and get made.