• Answer to: How do you fix a toaster?

    Might be a crumb jammed in the mechanism. If it has a crumb door, open or remove it. Give the toasted a good shake and tap the lever gently to try to get the crumb out. Try tapping the toaster against the counter and shake after.
  • Answer to: Can a keyboard be repaired after small liquid spill?

    If it was just water, there is hope. Soft drinks are much more difficult. I'm not familiar with the keyboard your are referring to but just Googled a photo of one. So, it's a separate keyboard, not part of a computer. I'm guessing that there is still water in it. I would suggest giving it a good shake, maybe over a paper towel so you can see if any water comes out. After that, put it in a "warm" place, you don't want to melt anything, and every few hours turn it upside down or on its side. If you are certain it was clean tap water, that's about it. If you suspect the water may have had something in it - hope not sugar - then soak the keyboard in distilled water then do the drying stuff again. I have managed to recover a laptop keyboard with a can of soft drink spilled on it by removing the keyboard and putting it in a dishwasher then rinsing with distilled water.