• Answer to: How do I register this iPod to a computer?

    iPods are very tricky due to DRM restrictions. For the simpliest of users you will need to download the latest iTunes and install it to your computer. After iTunes is installed, simply plug in your iPod and wait. It should connect up and walk you through the rest.
  • Answer to: Graphics off at the sony computer entrainment logo can it be fixed?

    Your power supply will always get warm. Since it is an old gaming system the technology in the supply is not as efficient as todays power supplies. If there is a slight alteration with the graphics then perhaps the AV cables you purchased are old. Inspect the ports that it is connected to for any broken pins or excessive dirt. If the slight graphics issue poses an annoying problem you could look into testing a different cable.
  • Answer to: The battery does not charge when connected to AC

    It sounds like you might have damaged the "male" pin inside your laptop that connects your adapter to the laptop. I would suggest looking in the port to see the condition of the pin. If it has been pushed in, you could gamble your luck in taking the laptop apart and repositioning the pin (You might have to do some soldering). If the pin has been completely broken off then you will most likely need to go into further repair by soldering on a new port. I hope that helps a little bit. Best of luck.
  • Answer to: Is it possible to upgrade HDD?

    This post has two different questions, so I will try them both. It is possible to upgrade the HDD and at times might be more effective than going through Sony. For an easy guide on this refer to this link: After it has been installed you only need to format it (That link talks a little bit about it) and update it to the most current platform. After that, play until you wish to play no more!
  • Answer to: iPod won't turn on or off?

    My iPod has had similar issues in the past, in which even a hard reset would not work. If that is your case, just let it drain itself dead and then charge it back up. You should be good to go then!
  • Answer to: iPod Touch as an external HD

    I ran into this issue a year back or so. I found my solution through the use of an app for the iPod touch. This article shows you 6 options you can use, though I am not sure how up-to-date it is. Just know that it is possible, though through the use of apps. Article:
  • Answer to: Computer does not recognize OPPO S11 MP4 PLAYER

    It sounds like you might need to install the mp4 players drivers. Most electronics are plug-n-play which allows them to automatically install their drivers to a computer when first connected. However, some do not do this and are most likely sold with a CD that contains the drivers needed. If you don’t have the CD that came with it then you can do a google search for the drivers website.
  • Answer to: airport card signal weak

    This all depends on several different things. 1) If the airport card is built into the motherboard, then you will not be able to replace it. 2) If you are getting weak signals only inside Airport terminals and not at your house or other wifi spots, then you might be at a great distance from the airports router. You have to keep in mind that most airport terminals are very open that will allow the signals to be a bit more wide spread, my best suggestion in this case would be to walk one direction, see if the signal increases or decreases and then adjust your location. 3) If in the end it is just a bad wifi card then I would agree with your assumption to buy a USB wifi adapter. You will need to make sure you disable your current wifi driver that is on your laptop or you could run into several issues. I would also like to suggest that if you are going to do the upgrade, then buy a “n” network compatible wifi card. This is the newest 802.11x band which gives you stronger and faster wireless connections (That is i...
  • Answer to: How can I repair the YLOD problem ( yellow light of death )

    What I am to suggest is a risky way, and most likely not recommended! I researched several things online to find out how I could fix this issue. From what I read, the most common solution was to "reflow" the motherboard. Since I am in Africa, with no warranty and any other options, I decided to go with the most extreme suggestion. To cook my motherboard. Once again, do this as a desperate measure and assume that it will not work. Striping your PS3 all the way down to the motherboard, you need to make sure you remove everything that is not completely built into the motherboard, to include the battery and extra thermal paste. After that, place it on a tinfoil pan into a preheated oven at 425 Degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, remove it and let it cool for 30 minutes. Reassemble the entire console and ensure you place new thermal paste on it. Then cross your fingers and try it out. I was successful, as well as many others. But there have also been some with horror stories from others that m...