Completed Guides


  • MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Replacement

    There are 4 plastic locks on the right side which prevent the keyboard from lifting up. They slide out easily if the keyboard is moved to the left. To move the keyboard to the left you first have to release the left and front side. On the left and front side there are metal strips that are snapped in. They should release when you push the metal strips with a spudger towards the center of the computer. We had much trouble releasing one metal snap as we didn't know how to do it.

    When you reinstall the keyboard put the plastic bars in the frame at the right side of the case, then snap in the keyboard on the left and front side and finally snap the keyboard into the plastic snaps to the right. Be careful so they don't fall out before you snap them in.

    A metal piece fell out of the computer. It was a shielding of a connector on the left side.

    A tiny plastic disc (4 mm diameter) with a hole in the middle also fell out. I had little hope to find out where it belonged and it didn't seem too important, so I left it, but kept it in a minigrip bag. Does anyone know what it's for?

  • MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Replacement

    I couldn't tighten the screws again. They kept turning. Dunno if the threads were gone or the screws didn't reach them.

  • MacBook Core Duo Fan Replacement

    Unless the notebook was used in a very clean environment I really recommend cleaning the lint from the cooling fins. In the notebook here the fins were stuffed with lint to the point where the fan must have been mostly ineffective. Use a vacuum cleaner or blow into the exhaust from the back. I don't know how much danger of static electricity vacuum cleaners are so I avoid using them on electronic parts.

    I ripped the felt. If you want to avoid that, be really careful. I just used gaffer tape instead. Hope it sticks long enough.

  • MacBook Core Duo Battery Replacement

    Thanks a lot for this guide. It would have been much more difficult without knowing what to do.

    When I was done, the LCD backlight flickered somewhat occasionally. The owner said that had not happened before. I cleaned the LCD plug by blowing with a straw into it but the flickering still happened. Dunno if this was related to my work.