• Answer to: MBP A1226 Logic Board last resort fix for nVidia video chip

    AMAZING! I have a dead 15 inch MacBook Pro from 2008, where Apple already has replaced the logic board (6 months ago), because of NVIDIA problem, but the machine died again. the warranty on repairs is only 3 months (but why?) - even if the repair means a new logic board. Apple refuses to acknowlege that this second crash of the machine can have anything to do with the GPU. As long as there is no chime, and the screen is black, they cannot run their test, and then the conclusion is damaged motherboard! I have tried every trick in the book (I am a former Apple service technician) and nothing works. yesterday I pulled out the logic board, wrapped it in foil, with a hole revealing only the GPU. I gave it 10 minutes with a heat gun, with a completely shot-in-the-dark method, with no control over temperature or nothing (the heat gun produces probably arohund 200-300 degress celsius depending on the distance from the object). When I did not dare to expose it to more heat, because I could barely touch the chip briefl...


  • iPhone 1st Generation Antenna Cover Replacement

    Quote from Steve:

    Once you have the phone apart and have gently unplugged the power ribbon, read the part number on the ribbon. If it's in the 821- family, you can safely use corresponding 821 headphone assembly. If it is the other part number, use the newer replacement. Many sites list both parts and let you order the appropriately numbered part. Otherwise (if you order the wrong part) it won't work or you'll have to [unnecessarily] hack the part to get it to work.

    I bought the wrong one.... how do I hack it?