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    I found the HD replacement instructions for the model A1151, however my model is A1261 according to MacTracker. Was there a (installation) diff. between the early 2008 model and the late 2008 model
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    Transfer, etc. not a prob. I put new HD in an external case, clone, then install in laptop. I'm just looking for the step-by-step pull out and reinstall instructions. On my 17" PowerBook G4, it was a pain in the butt and the inst. were critical. Thank You, Michael


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    Quote from JerseyJeepGurl:

    In regard to the incredible amount of TINY screws, get an Ice Cube Tray or something with AT LEAST 8 compartments, then, when taking out the screws, mark EACH compartment with the step # and how many screws that were taken out, and used for THAT STEP (such as Step # 3 = 4 of 4 screws. Label EACH compartment, and keep them in line of each step. When it comes time to put everything back together, just reverse your Ice Cube Tray, and follow the Steps in Reverse!

    As far as marking each compartment, try these POST IT PENS!!!

    GOOD LUCK! Take your time, it's not as difficult as it seems!


  • MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 RAM Shield Replacement

    Quote from Michael Fredrickson:

    I get a piece of "corrugated" cardboard and draw an outline of the laptop and all the "compartments" that are accessed. When you take a screw out simply punch it threw top layer of the cardboard exactly where it goes. Multiple compartments - just draw another diagram on the cardboard. Voila!