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  • Answer to: Issue with replacement Hybrid SSD drive

    Check the SMART status of the drive and try running disk utility's repair disk and repair permissions to see if that can help find the issue.
  • Answer to: Is a PATA SSD upgrade possible?

    You can install this into the iBook, it's an IDE SSD and should work like a charm.
  • Answer to: My screen dose not work

    You can check the connectors between the display and the logic board and ensure it's connected by following this guide. If it still doesn't work then it could either be the logic board or the display. The best thing to do at this point is to find a friend with an old 3Gs and swap display! If it works, then the old display is broken. If it doesn't work, then it's the logic board. You can find the display here and the logic board here.
  • Answer to: Definitive answer on using 60w or 85w power adapter with Macbook Air?

    With some testing, it is definitely safe for the charger if you are charging a macbook that needs more wattage.. The charger will never provide more than the rated wattage, and as such, there is no higher risk of failure. On the other hand, if you use a 45w on your MacBook Pro, which requires an 85w charger while you are playing a game or editing video (using 100% CPU and/or GPU), your battery will still drain but at a must slower rate. I have read that if you let it reach zero, it'll keep on going and kill your battery as the voltage will go too low. I personally use a 60w charger with my MacBook Pro Retina which comes with an 85w charger. It charges a tad bit slower but it's perfectly fine. Here are the screenshots: In this image, I am using my 60w charger while low use (medium brightness, no CPU intensive tasks) but it is charging. It is only pulling 56.04 watts, well within the limits of the 60w charger. Here, I experimented with a 45w charger while I am stress testing with geekbench and full brightness, ...
  • Answer to: I want to max-out the RAM on my ACER

    You can put a 1 GB stick which can be bought here or here Not that it will display a little less than 1.5 Gb when installed, this is due to the fact that a part of the RAM is used for VRAM.
  • Answer to: Replacing my hard drive?

    It will work, just remember to format it as HFS+ with GUID! Here's a guide to replace the hard drive iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 Hard Drive Replacement You can support ifixit by buying it here!
  • Answer to: hook up to external monitor Viewsonic VA720

    Yes you can, just use one of these adapters!
  • Answer to: How can I upgrade the storage to an SSD Drive

    You would need suction cups. You can just follow this guide here! iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266 Hard Drive Replacement Keep in mind the SSD is most likely 2.5" and the HDD inside is 3.5" meaning you will need an adapter to make it a 3.5" drive
  • Answer to: Not starting after shutdown

    When you press the power button, nothing turns on at all? Do you hear any fans?
  • Answer to: My iPhone 4s fell in water

    Well if it happened not too long ago, turn it off, and stick it into a container with rice in it, or even better, silica gel packets. The speakers should come back after this, not sure about the home button, but we'll see after it dries off. Oh and was it fresh or salt water?


  • iMac Intel 27" EMC 2309 and 2374 Display Replacement

    I had a friend with me so all I did was disconnect the vertical sync ribbon cable, and I had my friend hold up the LCD for a couple of minutes as I swapped out my HDD with an SSD, thus avoiding steps 6-9 and going straight to step 10.