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  • Answer to: Removing front panel on iPad 2

    And to be safe, I would aim the heat away at an angle from the middle of the screen towards the iPads outside edge.
  • Answer to: Why does my optic drive not respond?

    Ah! That's how this works! Answer accepted! Thanks Ralph and Mayer!
  • Answer to: Why does my optic drive not respond?

    Thanks anyway Mayer...You're advice, though eloquently written as it was, did not fix my problem..... It turned out that I DID NOT reconnect the optic drive connector board nicely at all to the logic board. A big part of my problem was dealing with those blasted "Ears" that hold the optic drive down to the inner frame of the iMac. That snap-together fastening system is a hassle! This is an Apple computer, not a Revell plastic model! Anyway, my optic drive works again.


  • iMac Intel 17" Optical Drive Replacement

    Step 17 was very hard for me. Squeezing those ears together took a lot of pressure, and did not want to release from the inner frame of the iMac. After quite a few swear words I got it to release. I just don't agree with the design....All it needs is 2 screws to hold it down, this is not a snap-together model!