• Answer to: Want to retrieve photos from water damaged phone

    iFixit's "Accepted Answer" by pollytintop is right on target! Steve's original problem mirrors my recent experience with an iPhone 4S that "took a look" in a five foot deep salt water filter. It took me almost a half hour to fish it out, and by that time it had begun its "flashlight death spiral." Sad to see, sadder still when I thought about how long ago it was that I backed up those photos… All I could think to do was throw it, still glowing and un-turn-offable, into fresh water. Six hours later I dried it off and sealed it into a large jar with rice. After six days of letting the rice work it's magic I used iFixit's "Liberation Kit" to replace my iPhone's trashed battery with one from iFixit. [Note: This option is a tad pricier than other replacement options, but over the years iFixit has proven to "give good weight" and I feel good when I am able to support their efforts to fix-and-not-trash the world around us.] After the 4S was buttoned back up (with those Philips head screws) I plugged it into a charge...
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    Not so much an "answer" as a similar experience... Add an iFixit iPhone 4S "Liberation Kit" and a new battery and I end up in the same place. But in my case the water-indication triangle inside the 4S was cherry red, so you know this was not just casual salt, then fresh, water exposure. After a week in sealed-rice-world every thing looked dry, so I went ahead with the battery replacement. Connecting the iPhone 4S to my computer did allow me extract photos I had not yet backed up before the iPhone "took a look," so that was a plus. But the 4S is again beginning to look like a very expensive paperweight. It has a black screen, a non-funtioning power button and probably several other very damaged, and very expensive, parts in there. Their replacement would make this iPhone experience a bit beyond normal laptop and other "recreational" electronic rejuvenation. I will continue to poke around for answers, but I feel like I have reached the rational limit of my experience on this one.