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The first story mode of the FIFA series, Journey, was out with FIFA 17. With FIFA 2018, this story mode will come face to face with a much larger adventure.

7- You can make changes without stopping the game!

The ability to make changes without stopping the game we saw in NBA games is added to the FIFA series with FIFA 2018! This non-stop player variation, which we had previously been able to command using a microphone, is now moving to a much faster size with FIFA 18 ultimate team coin and point generator.

That's it for now! Now let's move on with the innovations we expect to have in FIFA 18.

Expected Innovations in FIFA 18

The teams have their own tactics. The tactics that the team we have chosen actually implement are among the greatest expectations to be transferred to the game in full. We know that although the default tactics are different from each other with the help of fifa 18 coins hack, they produce results that are not very relevant to the reality, so it's really good to see each team's own tactics in the game.

Addition of the Turkish speaker option to the game. As you know, for the first time in FIFA this year, it was in Turkish. We know that many people have e-mailed to EA SPORTS , where they collected their signatures from the free fifa 18 coins . The most talked-about name in this regard is Ercan Taner , our famous announcer who made FIFA broadcast on Youtube with Twitch many times with his son . Let's see if EA will make us happy in this regard with the help of .