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About Me

Well I’m homeschooled(not online school) and I love anything that involves computers. I can pretty much repair anything i find. I remember the first computer I tore apart and I didn’t know what any of the stuff was I just took it apart, I think I was 8 when I did that and it was an old windows 98 PC.

I’m the biggest brother to my 10 year old brother and my 4 month old sister.

I have iOS 12 beta on my iPhone SE to help Apple get rid of software bugs. I want to help Apple as much as possible.

My grandma just passed a few days ago. She died of breast cancers that came back. I’m am very moved in this. It’s very though for my whole family. We have a GIANT family and all off them have came down to Oregon to see her before she passed. Don’t worry I’m still the same on iFixit and I will continue to be.

What do I have experience with:

Well I have experience with Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, wire setup and Network setup. I know a lot for my age, over a couple years of messing around with my devices. I also understand A LOT about how computers work. I like to fix and upgrade computers for people, usually I do it cause I like to work on them. Most of the time I’ll fix stuff for free if they will pay for the parts.

Lately I’ve noticed that I like doing maintenance on cars. My mom had a old Kia Sedona 2004 and now it’s mine! I’ve replaced the front three spark plugs and the fuel filter that’s in the gas tank. I can’t access the rear spark plugs because there’s a couple of bolts on the back of the air manifold which is hard to remove. I think I’ll have mechanic replaced the rear spark plugs. Also I’m going to be fixing my squeaky A/C in it that’s been happening for years. I’m going to replace the two serpentine belts first, then if that doesn’t fix it then I’ll replace the tension pulley. Then if that’s not it it’s got to be the A/C clutch.

My Devices:

  • iPhone SE 64GB
    • iOS 12 beta
    • build (16A5318d)
  • iPad mini 2 16GB
    • iOS 11
  • Mac mini 2014
    • Intel Core i7 duel core
    • 16GB Ram
    • 1.12TB Fusion Drive
    • MacOS 10.14 beta
    • Running with one 20” Apple Cinema Display and one 17” Mitsubishi monitor
  • iMac 2010 27"
    • Intel Core i7 quad core
    • 20GB Ram
    • 1TB HDD
    • MacOS 10.13.2
  • Apple TV 3rd Gen
    • tvOS 7.2.2
  • Mac mini 2005
    • PowerPC 1.5Ghz G4 processor
    • 1GB Ram
    • 80GB HDD
    • OS X 10.4.11
  • AirPort Extreme Newest Generation

My ideas

I have a ton of great ideas especially cause the type of person I am is a dreamer. One of my best idea is my ForeverCharge concept. I also have an idea for my dream house I’m going to build some day. I’d also love to work at Apple inc. and make my ForeverCharge concept be in all Apple devices.


I’m a newspaper deliverer and I deliver newspapers once a week. I would love to eventually work for Apple.Inc.


I love music! My favorite artist is Owl City. The first time I herd Owl City was when I was in 2nd grade when my music teacher showed us fireflies by owl city. That night when I got home I asked my mom if I could get that song and she said that we had it! So for years I listened to that song over and over again. I didn't know that Owl City made any other music till a few years ago, now I have every Owl City and Adam Young music.

Now I have a Apple Music membership so I can listen to a LOT of music.

Where can you find me?


Scratch: @paperboypaddy

Why is my username Paperboypaddy?

Paper: Well my job is a newspaper deliver

Boy: I’m a Boy

Paddy: It’s my nickname

My cats

I have three cats!

This is Watson:

Block Image

This is Loki:

Block Image

And this is Sylvia:

Block Image

Shows and Movies I like

  1. Star Trek voyager
  2. All the Star Wars movies

*Please don’t be spamming me or you will be blocked

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