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  • New Hard drive won't boot

    I just purchased a used Early 2011 MBP to upgrade my late '09 model. I replaced the hard drive with a WD 1TB, and tried to bo...
  • Won't charge up at all

    I have a 3rd gen shuffle, and it won't charge. Does it need a new battery,,,or is there another problem that I'm not "seeing"
  • dropped into the potty - need a bit of help

    well, my kid is home from school, and her new phone happened to take a death dive, into the potty. We immediately threw it in...
  • Camera does not always start up, upon opening the door.

    My JVC Enviro (30GB) Hard Drive camcorder, (on intermittent times), will not automatically "auto on", upon opening the viewer...


  • Answer to: New Hard drive won't boot

    I did it! Figured it out last night in the middle of the night - If I could boot up with the drive from the newest MBP, that had Lion on it - but it would not let me use the previous owners copy, in my name - I simply booted it up using the hard drive - signed onto iTunes and downloaded Mountain Lion, (over Lion) in MY name. Then, I restarted the machine while holding down the Option button,Up came the hard drive(s), I and I installed Mountain Lion onto the New Hard Drive, that I just put in, and she now boots up, just fine! Now I just need to burn a copy/rescue disc to keep for any emergency situations. And all is right with the world again! Thank you to Dan for trying to help me!!!
  • Answer to: should I change my 5400rpm hd to the new SSDs?

    I use a LOT of my archived video & Pictures, and before I even learned about a SSD, I purchased a TB drive for my 17" MBP unibody. Now being that I really don't need the OD (I have an external Lightscribe as well, as the author), what size SSD should/could I place in my OD spot? AND--do I run the OS from the SSD, and then just place any media, onto the TB drive? Now, with that question asked, where do my documents, desktop email etc. go onto? Furthermore, when I do a back up of my Time Machine, what drive does it back up. Sorry for sounding like a tool, but this is honestly the first time, that I am hearing of the SSD drives. The storage capacity just sounds so small,,,so I guess you can say that I just don't "get it". I just want to know what is the smallest SSD drive that I can get away with to replace the OD, and use the internal TB for any storage needs. Thanks!


  • MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 RAM Shield Replacement

    In regard to the incredible amount of TINY screws, get an Ice Cube Tray or something with AT LEAST 8 compartments, then, when taking out the screws, mark EACH compartment with the step # and how many screws that were taken out, and used for THAT STEP (such as Step # 3 = 4 of 4 screws. Label EACH compartment, and keep them in line of each step. When it comes time to put everything back together, just reverse your Ice Cube Tray, and follow the Steps in Reverse!

    As far as marking each compartment, try these POST IT PENS!!!

    GOOD LUCK! Take your time, it's not as difficult as it seems!


  • MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Model A1211 RAM Shield Replacement

    Quote from tech4eleven:

    This guide was awesome. I used JerseyJeepGurl's suggestion and used an egg carton, numbering each cavity as a step in the guide. So for a step that had me remove 3 different kinds of screws, I had a cavity for each, numbered: 1a, 1b, 1c and wrote a,b,c on the guide itself next to each bullet point in the step. It was awesome.

    I guess that before starting I overlooked what a T6 torx actually was. I started this process at 8pm and realized right away that I did not have a set that small and of course all stores were closing. Lowes actually had an awesome fine torx driver set for only 7 bucks!

    So that you fixit.

    Thank you everybody for "thanking me" on the compartment advice! Also, just about ANY Auto parts store will have a set of Torx Screw drivers, in a handy little set, that is all together. Good luck everybody,,remember,TAKE YOUR TIME, BREATH, AND DON'T GET FRUSTRATED!!! (STEALING ADVICE FROM PEARL JAM,,BREATH,JUST BREATH),,,,AND YOU'LL BE ABLE TO DO IT YOURSELF!