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  • Answer to: water not dispensing when paddle is pushed

    Check the drip tray (or base of water ice area) for it to slide outward or upward (or combination) Once removed you should find screws or plastic tabs to release the remainder of the assembly. Advisable to remove the light to prevent inadvertently breaking the bulb.
  • Answer to: The dishes on the top rack are filthy, bottom rack cleans great.

    Assuming you are using a good quality detergent. And the upper spray arm nozzle is not clogged with mineral deposits, etc. If you have 2 (or more) spray arms. The upper spray arms are most likely not expelling liquid. Determine if your upper spray arms are supplied dishwater through tubing that goes up the back of the dishwasher or if the lower arm has a center output (possibly it may look like a collapsed accordion like piping is in the center. For piping going up the back of the washer the upper basket arm should have a pipe going to the back of the washer. This must meet up properly so that when the water is expelled from the pump it is forced thru the connection and out the upper spray arm (s). If the connection is not made then the water may be partially going thru the upper spray arm or not at all. (Our current washer the connection got moved out of place. But it was easy to move back into place. (Also as prior by Dan check for debris such as cellophane wrapping that loves to get under the lower straine...
  • Answer to: What RAM modules will it hold?

    From the question "I see that many high-performance modules have heat sinks or heat dissipators on them." Keep in mind that iMac's use SODIMM memory (often referred to as Laptop) for at least the last 10 years. The high performance modules you are referring to are desktop PC memory. Also starting with 2012 models the 21" iMac is does not have a memory access plate. To not void your warranty you would need to take the 21" unit to an authorized service center or to apple to upgrade a 21" memory. The 27" iMac still has the access plate and is therefore user upgradable.
  • Answer to: Is it possible to replace a laptop dvd drive lens?

    The Lens is not an interchangeable part between blurry and Std DVD. If you want Blu ray accessibility and assuming your referring to a Windows machine. The best option is to buy an external blu ray drive. They are designed specifically for external use and have the drivers for the OS, they also are reasonably inexpensive compared to a few years ago. If you are using an Apple or Linux you will need to check the drive manufacturer to ensure they support your OS with corresponding drivers before you buy.
  • Answer to: How to change the Rear Window Wiper blade on a Saturn Vue

    Also it depends on the year of your VUE. Some models the wiper assembly just snaps out. In other model years The wiper arm uses a reverse J to attach to the wiper blade. For the reverse J: pull the arm of the wiper away from the glass. as you twist the wiper blade you will see the underside of the J arm. the bottom of the J is pushed up through the wiper blade assembly and a plastic retainer can be removed. once removed the blade comes off.
  • Answer to: How do I delete manufacturers data from hard drive?

    If the HP drive is still functional you should be able to put the old Sony drive in a external drive dock. Then reformat the drive use the "zero out" function to do this. Next it depends on if you have the recovery disks your HP came with. If not you should try to contact HP to see if they can supply a set. As your Hardware should have the windows License attached to it, there would not be a need to repurchase windows again. If HP doesn't or isn't able to supply the recovery disks and you don't have them you will need to go to HP's website download all the drivers for your equipment and contact Microsoft to obtain a copy of the windows installer CD. If not then you can always use software to clone the old HP drive if it is still functional and copy it to the new sony drive (after formatting, don't want any rogue data bits causing headaches later) If the HP drive has died and you don't and can't get the HP recovery disks you will then need to get a fresh license of windows, not an upgrade. Unfortunately, this ...
  • Answer to: Black screen on Start up Cant install OSX

    You stated you can't install OSX but have windows installed. When you installed Windows did you use boot camp to do it? Normally you install OSX and then use boot camp to create the windows partition to install win 7 etc on. If you have multiple partitions you can hold down the alt key during boot up to select which partition you want to boot from.
  • Answer to: HP pavilion dv5t-1000 wifi switch does not come on.

    If you talking about the wifi switch above the keyboard ensure you don't have wireless (or the device) disabled in the control panel or hardware control.
  • Answer to: Studio Display has gone black.

    If you look closely at the display (maybe at an angle) you may be able to see a slight image (like a shadow) if so your backlight has failed and would need replacement.
  • Answer to: Why is my battery charge going down when it's plugged in?

    GPS uses a lot of battery. Depending on the car adapter it may not be generating more than it's using. Also I agree that if the battery has been run dead too often it will cause the battery to charge more slowly~or at all.


  • iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Hard Drive Replacement

    When removing the sensor be careful to get underneath the adhesive (IE: keep as much adhesive on the sensor) It allowed me to just stick the sensor to the new hard drive (clean the new drive area with alcohol and allow to dry to promote adhesion) Don't get the sensor dirty with the dust etc from inside the mac, the dirt would make new adhesive necessary.

  • Nintendo Wii Teardown

    Thanks for this. My Wii is now 9 and I need to do a good clean out of dust and what not. This will be really helpful.

  • AirPort Time Capsule A1470 (Mini!) Teardown

    Nice to know it can be upgraded to 4TB

  • iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Lower EMI Shield Replacement

    Quote from Bob:

    I didn't see the need to tape the foil to the display (and I didn't want to get any sticky residue on the screen), so I skipped this bit with no problems.

    I agree, and tape doesn't stick to the screen (I tried and the tape came loose before I was done)

  • iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Display Replacement

    Quote from mindzeebeez:

    This is tricky and took some time and patience. It is best to have some foil tape handy because the EMF shield tears easily. Likewise when reinstalling the screen and EMF shield, it helps to have a partner who can stop the foil to the side of the screen from getting folded under the screen when you lower it back into position, ready to tape it back onto the edge of the screen.

    I found that using the plastic card to remove the cover worked well in lifting the EM tape from the screen. Also step 10 & 11 appear to be reversed since you can't get to the screws until you have lifted up the display (this can only occur once you have dealt with the EM shield)

  • iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 Display Replacement

    If you remove the inverter wires after dealing with the EM shield you can flip the display without detaching the LCD data cable. Use the foot of the iMac (with a towel to protect the display) to hold the display while you work inside.