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  • Answer to: How can I verify if the cooling fan works?

    This a thanx and a comment to Mr. Mayer. I almost bought the Fan Control software as you suggested. But the price is confusing, $9.99 or 14.99? Anyway, I took one last shot at activating the fan. I took an 8X10 jpg and Photoshopped the resolution up to 1600 dpi. In less than a minute the fan kicked in with an audible spin. I am going to download the Fan Control utility. Thanx again. Crocdog
  • Answer to: Putting a 3rd hd in the zip caddy of a g4 quicksilver

    Thanx very much for your answers, I took my Dremel and 'oval'ed the hole out to fit the screw in. But after reassembly, then my old Pioneer 104 optical DVD drive went dead. Ah well, back to the workbench. thanks and regards, Crocdog