• New battery shelf life

    What is the expected shelf life of an fixit iPhone 5s battery in box? I'm wanting to buy a new battery but not ready to insta...


  • Answer to: gatorade dropped in Mac and now Mac is very sticky

    I appreciate wanting to get your newish MacBook fixed on the cheap. I have seen MacHales work on laptops and on spills. I would send it to him. It's nice these other techs like Rossmann Group, but by their own words they haven't seen their or used their services first hand. Your choice. Mayer has Rep of 324,000 for a reason. Just saying
  • Answer to: Battery functions not working

    Hey Rich: the only other thing I can think go is reset the SMC. If that doesn't do it, check out the power chip on the bottom of the board about an inch from the MagSafe adapter. If it's concave , it most likely overheated. Good luck
  • Answer to: broke ram hold down tab, can I get replacement?

    I haven't seen any kit to rebuild the metal clips that hold the memory edges in place, but the RAM connectors are part of the mother board. The only thing I know to do is use a non-connective tape, that has strong adhesive, and secure the memory down on the outboard side to the board, giving it the tension it needs to connect. Or you could buy a new logic board.
  • Answer to: Isight not detected/functioning after lcd water damage

    Water intrusion and damage doesn't always trigger the water indicators. I would use a bright light and see if you can see any corrosion on the board or in the connectors first. The whole screen is fairly easy to remove and with it off you can get a better look at everything, plus it makes you have to disconnect all the connectors and reseat them when you put it back together. I have found the iSights to be really robust units. I would really bet that there is a corroded connector. Good luck.
  • Answer to: Broke part of wifi socket - is it a problem?

    I hate to say it, but the only way to insure that the socket will perform right is to replace that board. The part that is open wi most likely be intermittent at best. These little wonders are great until you have to get in them. I do not know of any method of reliably securing that portion of the socket. sorry. And the only place I found it was around $200 for the 16GB model.
  • Answer to: apps not working and I dont know why

    Buy one of the apps and see if it works. Depending on where the App came from, it may not lend itself to being pirated from a torrent site.
  • Answer to: What is wrong with my screen colors

    one of the obvious answers is " you dropped it ". Most of the important connectors in the MacBook unibody have clips to hold them in place. But depending on how hard it dropped it could have shifted. If you are not comfortable inside your computer I would have someone who is, check and re-secure any loose or questionable connectors. The one under the screen is hopefully not the problem as you have to remove the glass to get at it. That would be the starting place for me. But please do not go into the laptop if you are not aware of what your doing. And be static aware. Good luck
  • Answer to: Cant boot it, won;t get past the grey screen and spinning wheel

    First: If you can boot with DVD, load your install disk and "run repair" from "Disk Utility". If you do not have the disks you might find them on ebay. Another option is to run a disk called "TechTool Pro" It will fix some stuff that Apples Disk Utility doesn't. Second: Another option is to try and start up in safe mode and see if you can get to desktop. To open in safe mode, Restart and as soon as you hear the startup tone hold the shift key down. Keep holding until you get to the login screen. Yes, you may have to enter your login info and password. If you get there from safe mode, be sure to backup anything you can before restarting. That is what I would do if I got what you describe. I would also zap the PRAM by holding down the option-commmand-P-R keys right after you hear the startup tone. Continue to hold these keys down until you hear the tone two times. The screen will most likely go black between tones. Then let go and see if all works. Good luck
  • Answer to: transfert sim cart iPhone 3GS

    The 3GS uses a different SIM Card than the iPhone 5. The one in the iPhone 5 is half the size.
  • Answer to: What to do with a broken front quickly?

    I feel your pain. My daughter just bought one and within the first week it went in the sink. Is there a chance you purchased AppleCare on it when you bought it? If you did then Apple will fix it for the first two breakage's for $49 per accident. the link: It says you must purchase within 30 days of your purchase. But it has to be inspected prior to purchasing. I guess it comes down to how well you know the folks were you bought it from. good luck.


  • Creating a Workspace

    Could you consider a heading and narrative dealing with Static Discharge Damage? With items of what causes it, how it is discharged, and various ways of dissipating it as well as preventing it.

    ie. Type of shoes souls, movement on types of carpet, etc.

  • Creating a Workspace

    On the "Creating A Workspace" , You might want to put in a caveat for the " in your home" location. I have had people just not willing to bring things to my home to be repaired. They looked at it as I'm not as qualified if I did not have a store front. It made no difference that I had an Apple Service Cert.

  • What to Fix

    I really like this page and the idea behind it. By directing the potential business owner in thinking they do not have to do everything to start with and let them know they can specialize in one area, will help those who do not have an overall knowledge of all technology be able to still provide a service in areas they like and bring in a living while not putting themselves in a position that they are not ready for and doing more damage than good to a clients equipment. As they get more proficient they can always extend their areas of service.