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  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Who manufactured the display?

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Quote from Dragan:

    Some phone uses VGA camera as light sensor. Is the same case?

    No, a VGA camera would have a lens assembly and a different looking sensor. An ambient light sensor usually is just a LDR, a light dependent resistor which decreases its resistance the more light falls onto it. Or it is kind of a primitive solar cell which transfers the light to electric current detectable by the device.

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Quote from Dragan:

    but THIS particular sensor have more than two(three) output, as photo resistors/diodes or cells have.

    I know that resistors and diodes need only two pins. That also confused me a little bit before. But for 640 x 480 the sensor's aspect ratio isn't appropriate. And for a proper CCD or something similar there are too less pins. Even the very low-res IR-sensor in a wiimote is connected by 8 pins. Maybe its sort of a photodiode array.

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Quote from grh:

    And third, The nominated baddies, PVC, mercury, arsenic, BFR (what is BFR? Do they mean "halocarbons"?) are not "naturally-occurring metal or even naturally-occurring materials". None occurs in nature in that state and PVC sure isn't natural, it's entirely man-mde.

    BFR means "brominated flame retardants", chemicals electronic components are coated with to protect them from catching fire. They are very toxic and contaminate whole landfills in e-waste.

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

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    I think morcheeba is right.

    Yepp, I agree.

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Quote from Luke Soules:

    We don't know who manufactured the display from the unit in this teardown. If anyone knows, we'd love a tip. On another iPad we opened, the LCD markings were different and the panel was clearly manufactured by LG.

    I've just read that the panels come from either LG, Samsung or Epson and only the front galss panel with the touch sensors comes from Wintek, but no mention of Sintek.

  • iPad Wi-Fi Teardown

    Quote from Dragan:

    CO2 is just a part of my concern.


    During production process, high quantity of water is used. As most of process takes part in China, industrial water aren't filtered before they are released in waterways. Digging the ore for components also makes environmental impact.


    All this "green product" stuff is marketing. When it comes to environment, yes, I'm some kind of Nazi. It makes my electricity bill small.

    And the CNC machining process consumes even bigger amounts of water and energy than conventional enclosure fabrication methods do. And the working conditions over there in Shenzhen at Focxonn's factories aren't that good as well.

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    Great teardown Thomas!


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    WOW! Great work, Nintendo stuff is hard to open!

    Thank you! Everything beyond Triwing requires creativity.

  • That's an awesome teardown. Very cool. Another very popular gyroscope device is Wii MotionPlus by Nintendo which also contains a MEMS gyroscope, the IDG-600 manufactured by InvenSense Inc.