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  • Is it just a waste to buy 8GB

    Is it just a waste to buy 8GB, would it work. I have a unibody mid-2010 Macbook The information at these two places does not ...
  • Not Charging. No light on Adaptor.

    Dear Fixers, My PowerBook doesn't charge. The light on the end of the Charger doesn't come on when I plug it into the compute...
  • Cleaning Vents to the fan?

    I think the vents are a bit blocked up. I have read that some people having the same problem but I wondered which was the sim...
  • Checking to see if Optical drive swap is possible

    I'm looking to swap the SuperDrive from my PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1.5 GHz for drive in my Model A1176 Mac Mini and vice ve...


  • Answer to: Where are the speakers?

    I have the same effect. The sound really doesn't pan all the way to the left. I think it must be a design thing. When I sit normally the sound it noticeably more on the right. Slightly frustrating but, well, I just plug in some speakers. As far as I can tell it's not broken, just not designed perfect!
  • Answer to: a crack in the glass

    Dear Rob, Now it depends on which one you have but it's very possible Topic:iPhone Choose the one you have. Buy the kit You want to follow the Replace Front Panel Guide. Use the right tools, follow the guide, take your time and look forward to that great feeling of fixing it yourself. It's useful to read what other problems people have had. Especially trying to take off a broken screen. Good luck
  • Answer to: My optical drive won't completely eject a DVD-R disc.

    If you don't have the money the cheapest way is probably to get an usb external DVD drive and leave the jammed one in. If you have the time then: iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 Optical Drive Replacement I had a similar problem with my Superdrive on my PowerBook. I ended up just taking it apart because I got irritated by the noise of my computer trying in vain to cough out the DVD. You could pick up a new Superdrive get the right tools and with a calm room, some patience it is very possible and fun to fix it. Good Luck!
  • Answer to: Screen broken but working

    Hey Thierry, iPod Touch 2nd Generation Display Replacement Go for it. It does say it is difficult but hey that's a challenge. Get the right tools, (it tells you on the guide) follow the steps, and have patience. If you do it how it says then you get back a new iPod and a great sense of achievement! Also the knowledge that you can do it again. Good Luck. David


  • PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1-1.5 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

    I did this. It takes time but you do get there eventually.

    A big help for me was to have a square of cardboard(corrugated fiberboard to be precise) the size of the mac next to it as I took out the screws. As I took a screw out I pushed it into the cardboard and made a simple reminder of what layer it came from.

    This kept all the screws separate, safe and quick to remember.

    Of course I some soft material underneath as well just in case something did slip out.

  • Optical Drive Disc Removal Technique, or Foreign Object Removal

    I can take my computer apart but I can't get rid of that first note I wrote!.

    I had a very similar revelation. On step 53 of the strip down the lower mounting screw was missing and when I opened the optical drive there it was. Unfortunately, the super-drive is kaput and looks as if I will have to do the whole process again to install a new one.

    I can't wait! great guides and great fun.