Got my diploma in electronics and within 3 years met the computer, and I have been building/programing/repairing (and 'playing' with) computers for the past 33 years. In the past decade I have gravitated towards security and phone systems, being that everything has/is becoming computer controlled.

I am technically retired/disabled but my church needed help with their systems so, I volunteered at our church to help keep up the computers, network, phone, and security systems. A few months back our pastor asked me to take over our radio station as manager, and now I am the

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Station Manager/DJ/Technician/Flunky, Thank God we have a competent engineer who has been there for years, because I am totally new at this.

I still repair electronic equipment as a hobby and stress release, also it keeps me up on things I need to know to stay current.

Anyone out there that wishes, can check our radio station website at this link 'WMIK Radio, there is a link to our FM 92.7 stream and links to our church website Binghamtown Church as well.