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It's the same old song and dance. I fell in love with technology as a boy. My family like many others didn't have extra cash to just blow on a computer store. Which in my area was VERY expensive. Simple computer jobs could range upwards of $120!!

Our local computer store even charged for windows updates! Yes you read that right, we were charged $40 just for a computer technician to update your computer, and the real kicker is that $40 charge was an add-on charge! Not the price of just updating and nothing else.

Long story short I was forced to choose, either throw out what was now "junk" and move on or adapt and learn like the rest of the world. Technology has always called out to me, so leaving it behind simply wasn't an option for me. I choose to learn. I have never been to schooling for Computer Science, Computer Programming, or any schooling for coding. Everything I know is through LARGE amounts of failing, and thanks to Google and many friendly users on the World Wide Web, I can now code entire websites by hand, build computers from the chassis up, and everything in between.

It's been a long journey with many hours spent staring into a screen with pages of text. Trial and error, and even a few angry moments of smashing a keyboard or two. While I've struggled to get better and better there is still an infinite number of things to learn and with technology always expanding, I too must continue to expand my knowledge.

I don't know everything, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I won't stop until I have researched and learned the answer to your problem. NOTHING is unlearnable if you give it enough time and energy. So pop on in and ask me whatever you need help with! I'd love to solve your puzzles and help a few people along the way!

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