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Hi Everyone!

I originally hail from Two Rivers, Wisconsin but have long dreamed of escaping the dismal winters and exploring the beautiful landscapes of California and beyond. My alma mater is the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, where I earned 2 BAs in Economics and International Studies and a Minor in Chinese. My biggest passion would be learning and understanding new perspectives in order to expand my own scope and make more informed decisions in every aspect of life to benefit everyone around me. Here is a picture from Taiwan as they were preparing for Chinese New Year.

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This brings me to why I work at iFixit. The mission of trying to help citizens of the world take control back from their products as opposed to leaving that knowledge to a select few companies or technicians reminds me of a struggle that has happened throughout history whether it be in religion, government or any other discipline. I believe knowledge regarding products that are integral to our everyday lives should be shared and added upon by everyone who uses them. As Winston Smith said in 1984, "If there is hope, it lies in the proles."