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  • Answer to: SSD losing space day by day

    Have you restarted your computer since the problem began? As Dan mentions, the computer caches a variety of temporary files as it runs; the temp files are deleted when the computer shuts down. The longer you run without restarting, the more space will be occupied by these various cached files.
  • Answer to: Cost for repairing screen

    That depends on: 1) which of the five generations of 13" MacBook Pro Retina you have 2) what your source for a replacement display is 3) whether you're doing the replacement work yourself, or hiring someone else to do it As you'll see in the upper right corner of this page, you've misidentified the computer as a Unibody 15" MacBook Pro. If you would provide the last four numbers of your serial number or the EMC number (both printed on the bottom case), we can identify your model correctly and give you better answers. In the meantime... 13" MacBook Pro Retinas have been through five generations over three years. There are three different display models, which work in different generations of laptop: 2012-2013, 2013-2014, and 2015. iFixit currently has inventory of the first two generations, but none for the new 2015 Broadwell MBP; inventory of the new display will increase as these models age. MacBook Pro 13" Retina MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Late 2012/Early 2013) Display Assembly MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display L...
  • Answer to: Adhesive for securing microphone, brackets etc

    As I said in this thread over here: The typical tape used in computers is something called Kapton, which is available from iFixit. Electrician's tape is generally resistant to the sorts of temps you get in electronic circuits, and the adhesive is weak enough that you won't damage anything when you remove it. That might be acceptable to you as a jury-rig solution. Apple tapes all the stuff down very carefully, because the cables are exactly long enough to route in their preferred way, and not one millimeter longer. Sometimes you need to tape that stuff down to keep it exactly where Apple wants it. Compare this to a lot of other manufacturers, who have tangles of oversized cables in their boxes, disrupting the airflow and taking up valuable space. Kapton tape isn't conductive. As long as you're not trying to camouflage a DIY operation to preserve an Apple warranty (hey, you've been messing around inside this thing! Your AppleCare warranty is now VOIDED!), you can pretty much tape down anything you think needs t...
  • Answer to: Is it good to upgrade MacBook Pro 2012, 2.5GHz with 16GB RAM

    Yes! yesyesyesyesyes<wbr />yesyesyesyesyes<wbr />yes!! Parallels, like other virtualization middleware applications, runs an entirely different operating system with its own native applications. This virtualized environment also commands its own memory space, because the virtualized OS doesn't know it's not the boot OS. The memory space for each virtualized OS is set in the Parallels preferences on an OS-by-OS basis. If you've authorized Windows Whatever to use 4GB RAM (for example), that 4GB is not available to the OS X environment until you shut down the Windows environment. The first thing you should do is check the Parallels preferences for your Windows environment, and see how much RAM you've allocated to it. Depending on whether the Windows installation is 32-bit or 64-bit, you may be limited in the amount of RAM you can allocate to Windows. Photoshop, Lightroom, SQL Server etc. will all draw their RAM out of the Windows pool, rather than the larger pool available to the Mac. In any case, you can't allocate more RAM ...
  • Answer to: in this model is the ram potentially upgradeable to 6GB?

    According to EveryMac, your serial number is a 20&quot; Early 2008 iMac: Keywords=W88360<wbr />42ZE2..Showing 1 - 1 of 1 iMac &quot;Core 2 Duo&quot; 2.4 20-Inch (Early 2008) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo (E8135) Intro. April 28, 2008 Disc. March 3, 2009 Order MB323LL/A Model A1224 (EMC 2210) Family Early 2008 ID iMac8,1 RAM 1 GB VRAM 128 MB Storage 250 GB (7200 RPM) Optical 8X DL &quot;SuperDrive&quot; This generation can be updated to 6GB PC2-6400 RAM (2G + 4G sticks). It's physically possible to install 2x 4GB sticks for a theoretical 8GB, but Intel's controlling chipset for the CPU won't acknowledge or use the last 2GB*. iFixit has both chips in stock: PC2-6400 2 GB RAM Chip PC2-6400 4 GB RAM Chip iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 RAM Replacement If you go looking for this RAM on the used market, be careful to look for PC2-6400 SODIMMs, which are much less common than the slower PC2-5300 SODIMMs and the faster PC3-8500 SODIMMs. The PC2-6400 generation was pretty short; it was used only in the Early 2008 iMacs and the Early 2009 MacBooks, and wasn't ...
  • Answer to: Removing the fan blade of the MacBook Pro 2011.

    Got it in one, Marshall. Here's the replacement fan, and here's the guide for the steps. The product page also has a take-apart video.
  • Answer to: Swapping displays between early 2011 and mid 2012 mbp 13 inches

    I'm afraid not. The Early and Late 2011 13&quot; MBPs can use the same display panel, but the Mid 2012 (and later) 13&quot; use a different panel. The graphics processor on the logic board went from Intel HD Graphics 3000 in 2011 to Intel HD Graphics 4000 in 2012, so my guess is that there was also a change in the display cable, and possibly the logic board connector. Early 2011 13&quot; MacBook Pro 1) Display Assembly - Apple Part #: 661-5868 Mid 2012 13&quot; MacBook Pro 1) Display Assembly - Apple Part #: 661-6594 That said, it might be worth looking at the display installation guides for each model, to see if the connector falls in the same position on each logic board. iFixit doesn't stock the LVDS cable as a separate item, but Powerbookmedic lists different LVDS cables for the 2011 and 2012 models. MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early 2011 Display Replacement MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 Display Replacement
  • Answer to: Fan replacement from older machines?

    Unfortunately, that won't work. The Late 2008 is the first of the 15&quot; Unibody MacBook Pros; the earlier generation used entirely different components. Regardez: Early 2008 15&quot; MacBook Pro (A1260, MacBookPro4,1) 1) Left fan - Apple Part #: 922-7916, 922-8042 2) Right fan - Apple Part #: 607-2187, 922-7917, 922-8043, 933-8359 Late 2008 15&quot; Unibody MacBook Pro (A1286, MacBookPro5,1) 1) Left fan - Apple Part #: 661-4952, 922-8703 2) Right fan - Apple Part #: 661-4951, 922-8702 As you can see, there's no overlap in the part numbers; if you look at the fans themselves, they don't even look alike. That said, within each group (Unibody and non-Unibody), you can pretty much swap fans around between laptops of the same size, regardless of the generations. The Mid-2009 Unibody 2.53GHz is an odd man out; it uses only a single fan, like the MBP 13&quot; models. But all the other Unibody 15&quot; models use the same fans, so you can salvage them out of whatever machine you can find. Before replacement, you might want to try opening ...
  • Answer to: Trackpad and keyboard with MacBook late 2008 exchangeable

    Sorry, but no. As I've mentioned before, Apple stupidly recycled the A1278 model number for two very different machines. In 2008, they used it for the Aluminum MacBook (the first Unibody MacBook), and then they recycled the same number in 2009-2015 for the 13&quot; Unibody MacBook Pro. The two versions have nothing in common except the Apple name, aluminum cases and 13&quot; displays; they have no common components between them. 1) 2008 Aluminum MacBook 2.1) Keyboard/top case assembly: Apple #661-4944, 661-5856 (backlit); 661-4943, 661-5855 (non-backlit) 2.2) Trackpad: Apple #922-9014 1) 2011-2012 13&quot; MacBook Pro 2.1) Keyboard/top case assembly: Apple #661-5871, 661-6595, 661-6075 (backlit) 2.2) Trackpad: Apple #922-9063, 922-9525, 922-9773 As you can see, there are no overlapping part numbers between the two computers, because no matter how similar the parts look, they are not identical. I too have both a 2008 Aluminum MacBook and an Early 2011 13&quot; MacBook Pro, both with their own quirks, which might be solved by swap...
  • Answer to: Data transfer from iPhone to iPhone

    Most of the common cloud storage platforms now have iOS apps: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and so on. All of these have free versions, with paid upgrades for larger amounts of storage space. Download the iOS app to both phones, log into the account on the first iPhone, set the items/s to share, then log into the same account with the second iPhone and grab the item/s.


  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Lower Case Replacement

    I use a similar technique: I print out the iFixit manual for the job, and Scotch-tape down the screws/brackets/cables I remove at each step next to the component descriptions. That way, when I'm reassembling, the bits are taped right next to the photo of where they came from.

  • MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Battery Connector Replacement

    When reinstalling the battery connector/cable, placement of the connector is critical. If the connector isn't positioned accurately, contact with the battery terminals won't be completed. The battery connector cover will help you align the connector, but there will still be a little leeway as you screw the cover down. Position the battery first, to adjust the connector's position; then remove the battery and tighten the cover screws down. You may even want to try plugging the computer into the AC charger before completing the cover attachment, to ensure that battery is charging and the connector is correctly positioned.