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  • iPod 5th Generation (Video) Case Replacement

    Replaced battery and screen on 30GB video ipod in 90 minutes. In the first 5 minutes the fine tip broke off the removal tool. Later I discovered why....I was prying the front cover off instead of separarting the back cover from the rest of the unit. The front cover tabs are right next to the back cover tabs so be sure you are getting the right one. If done properly I would have saved 30 minutes. I also broke several front cover tabs during removal so good thing I was replacing front cover too! The new front cover did not match up well with the old tabs. I agree with skipping steps 7 - 9 to release the headphone ribbon. I yanked the unit around pretty good getting the front cover back on and no trouble with the headphones. The removal tools were no match for the tape on the back of battery, instead get a very small standard screwdriver to get the battery loose. Trickiest part is the little tab that holds the battery ribbon; when you are putting it back together just push straight down nice and easy with the tip of the small tool and she locks right back in place. The wife had given up on this iPod and get a new 8 GB nano for Christmas...I inherited this one and am quite pleased for $30! iTunes did not pop up when I hooked it to the USB to charge, so I that I will go now and see if there is problem there. Terrific site, thanks for the help.