Los Angeles, CA ¶ 

July 13th, 1993, I was birthed by my parents who had just moved to the states from Seoul, South Korea. So with them being very Korean in mannerism, language, and culture, and me being born in America, I was lucky enough to learn both Korean and English at the same time. Not that I remember, but being an only child apparently caused me to make friends very easily, where I was a nice baby who didn't mind being left with other children. Or my parents could have just told me that and I have no way to prove it.

Nashville, TN ¶ 

Shortly after I came into this world, at about 2 years old, my parents decided to move to Nashville, TN. against my will. My dad had a decent amount of family there, and just getting started in America was tough for them without people that they knew, so this is where I did a good amount of growing up. I went to preschool and elementary school in Nashville, where (I think) I developed an early love for fried chicken (the REAL kind), grape soda, and country music. Nashville was a pretty interesting place for a Korean kid to grow up, but I'm thankful for the food and music that was brought into my life. We also went to a large Korean church where basically all of the Koreans within a 100 mile radius went to be Korean together. Again, being an only child made me come up with different ways of entertaining myself, whether it was breaking things to try and put it back together, or using my intense imagination to fly around the house as a spy and steal the diamond skull.

Vancouver, WA ¶ 

No, not Vancouver Canada... We moved here when I was in 6th grade. Quiet suburb just 20 minutes away from Downtown Portland, OR. - the land of no sales tax. This is where the rest of my growing up happened; where I hit puberty, where I learned to drive, where I went to an awkward high school dance, the whole nine yards. I also started to play a lot of instruments, mainly the piano. I was forced to play piano by my parents, who hired a teacher to come and teach me, so I hated playing it. But I became very fond of the guitar and percussion, and so would never play piano, but only those other two. And then as soon as my parents got rid of the tutor, I loved playing piano again. So basically I guess I didn't enjoy being told to play something, I just wanted to WANT to do it. By the end of high school, I had pretty much narrowed it down to playing the drums. I dabbled in piano and guitar here and there, but my passion was for banging on things as loud as possible. I also started playing sports in Vancouver, with baseball being the first sport I ever played. After I found out that going outside and sweating was actually fun and something I enjoyed, I quickly realized that I loved playing soccer more than anything. So I joined the High School team where I played all through high school but was definitely not good enough to play beyond that. Although I became pretty dang good at FIFA.

Seattle, WA ¶ 

I said goodbye to my parents, who drove me up 3 hours from Vancouver to Seattle, as I got ready to start my Freshman year at the University of Washington GO DAWGS. I had never been so excited before, and I had so much freedom and I could eat, sleep, and study whenever and whatever I wanted... which made me realize how amazing it was to have mom make dinner every night and clean every night and do everything every night... I'm a momma's boy. UW is where I studied Anthropology and Marketing, (the study of people and the study of how to sell stuff to them), joined a fraternity (Phi Kappa Psi), started attending a church (Blue Sky Church) and is also where I met my now fianceè, Umbee Cho. After spending 5 years in Seattle enjoying the rain, the amazing outdoors, the rain, the great food, the rain, and all of the touristy things, I decided to move to SLO with a group of 47 people to help start a new church. Blue Sky Church was in the business of sending groups of people to cities to help start churches, and so we jumped on the opportunity to get out of the rain. So I proposed in Seattle, said goodbye to all our friends, and then got the heck out of there.

San Luis Obispo, CA ¶ 

The land of happiness and sunshine. Moved here in July of 2016 and have been loving it every minute since. It's rained maybe 4 times since then and I LOVE IT. We are still getting used to the area, coming from a HUGE metropolitan area to a smaller college town, where Asian food is as plentiful as the rain, but there is too much to enjoy here to let that bring me down. We started up Vista Church in September 2016 and it has been growing steadily, meeting new friends here in SLO and getting to watch students from Cal Poly come through! In my free time, I still play drums, both casually and for Vista Church. I also love videography and cinematography - I can't say that I am great at it, but I continue to learn as I create promos, recaps, and stock shots of people and communities around SLO. Being able to create a story through images is what I enjoy, and so throwing a track behind it and looking at the beautiful scenery of Central California while people truly enjoy life is my passion. I started working at iFixit as a Parts Tester in Operations in November 2016, and hope to continue and make life better, easier, and handier as the iFixit community continues to grow.