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Mechanical Engineering Student

Studying Methods for Producing Greener, Cleaner Materials and Technology

Highly motivated mechanical engineering student working towards entering into a materials science and engineering environment. Currently in the Bachelor’s program for Mechanical Engineering (ME) with an emphasis on Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) electives that will lead to a Master’s in MSE. Have consistently earned high marks in all science, mathematics, and degree-specific courses. Adept at computer-aided design using Solidworks. Highly competitive in my areas of interest and continually striving to keep up with the changing landscape of my chosen discipline.

Have worked in Information Technology for the last 3 years lending my knowledge of and expertise in Microsoft Excel to fill numerous rolls outside the standard scope of Level 1 IT Support. Have expanded my knowledge, earning a CompTIA A+ Certification and continue to grow by learning programming languages such as C++ and Python that can be applied towards automating manual tasks and solving other outstanding issues currently faced by the department.

Work well in multi- and interdisciplinary positions where collaboration between two or more departments is required to achieve goals set by the company. Worked in a separate division of my current company for 5 years in a role that regularly required being a central point of contact for multiple departments such as Marketing, Category Management, and IT to facilitate tasks such as financial reporting, Social Media presence, and regularly recurring promotions.

Core Qualifications

• Strong math skills

• Adept with SOLIDWORKSfor parts and machines design

• Certified proficient computer hardware and software knowledge

Areas of Interest

• Alternative Energy Sources

• Superconductors

• Computer Programming

• Graphene Application

• Science Education