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Hello there, my name is Nick Branson and I am currently a visual communication design major at Eastern Washington University in my third year. If all goes according to plan, I will hopefully graduate in the spring in 2018. After college I hope to work as a web designer in Spokane, Washington, either as part of an existing company (such as Seven2 or 14Four) or as a freelance designer.

I have experience tinkering with electronics - primarily desktop PCs. I have constructed two computers from scratch (buying individual components and putting them together, installing the operating system, and setting the computer up) for personal use. I love electronics especially I'm constantly keeping track of the latest smartphone trends and news and I have what I would consider an above average knowledge of the computer part market. However, I'm not exactly a handy-man even though I do enjoy DIY projects when they're feasible for myself. If I have a choice between getting someone else to fix something and doing it myself, chances are I'm going to give it a shot on my own if it doesn't seem too complex or dangerous.

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