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Love Ifixit's mission to reduce the negative externalities of disposable design and the huge costs it imposes onto earth, society, and future generations as a whole. Conscious over convenience! I am an environmentally inspired entrepreneur and hobbyist video production artist. I currently own and operate two digital marketing agencies that specialize in SEO.

My personal brand focuses on local SEO and pay per lead services for various businesses across California and the beyond.

I own and operate a local community non profit called One With Nature set on producing educational video content to help push progressive environmental legislation here in San Luis Obispo County. We recently helped push legislation to require restaurants and bars to provide straws upon request, helping reduce the massive amount of plastic pollution. We were also able to help push banning the sale of single use bottled water at city events, and helped install water refill stations for canteens and reusable water bottles. The amount of plastic pollution caused by our irresponsible consumption habits for the sake of convenience is disgusting.

My latest agency Simple Tree Digital focuses on helping Solar companies drive more leads to their business through digital marketing. We are Google Maps specialists and have a very unique and powerful solution of helping residential and commercial solar companies build long term lead generating assets with local SEO and Google My Business.

Last but not least I own and operate a smallvideo production company in San Luis Obipso with a team of professional videographers, editors, and drone operators.



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