My name is Mai Xiong. I presently live in Spokane and also have lived in Spokane my entire life. I am currently majoring in Biology for Pre-Med/Pre-Dent. I have been at Eastern for five years and will be continuing my studies there until Winter of 2017. My expected graduation date will be next spring. After graduation, I haven’t really thought about what I want to do, my only options are medical school, work, or more school overall.

I think a skill that might be useful is that I can follow instructions well. I don’t really know what kind of skills I have that might help but I am willing to put forth all my efforts into this project. My experience with DIY projects and repairs have been great! I really enjoy DIY projects and they have always come out in a well mannered outcome. Some DIY projects I have completed are, transferring pictures over to canvas’, making complicated Halloween costumes, and other small sewing projects. With repairs, I have done a ton of sewing repairs, so I think I can be proficient in small handy work. I think this can help benefit the project overall because with projects, I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. I really hope this project allows me to help discover other skill sets I may have.

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