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I am currently trying to achieve my major in General Business Management and studying for a minor in Accounting. The classes I am currently taking TCOM 205-01, ECON 200-1, ACCT 252-02, and MATH 114. This is my second quarter at EWU. I transferred over from Peninsula College in Port Angeles, WA after taking a year off to work. I aim aiming to graduate in 2018 hopefully. As far as my skills go, this is my first time doing a project like this. I am a fast learner, so whatever task I get put on to I’m sure I’ll do fine. The only DIY repair thing that I remember doing is customizing Xbox 360 controllers. I would take them apart and put in new LEDs, buttons, joysticks, etc. This experience with the controllers if anything, would give me an idea how a project like this one would go, rather than being in the dark completely. I am excited to do this project, and hopefully help out some people with DIY repairs!

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