• Kindle 2 Teardown

    Quote from tnkgrl:

    That's a standard mini-PCIe WWAN (EVDO) card - perhaps one could scope the AT commands being sent to the card, then insert the card into PC and send the same AT commands for unlimited (free) data...

    Also, there's a missing SIM holder below the WWAN card - this means a GSM/UMTS version of the Kindle is planned!

    It's a Novotel E725 Mini PCIe card. Despite the "E727NV" - the FCC ID of that card is the Novotel E725. In theory you'd just need the proper drivers and the modem's dialing strings/connection info from the unit itself, which may or may not be hard to find.

  • Kindle 2 Teardown

    Also, the 'white and brown' connector you note is most likely the debugging connector, just as was on the Kindle 1.