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  • Answer to: How to repair rear drum brakes

    Not having worked on the specific car, but generally There is usually a Phillips head screw that holds the drum to the rear hub. The wheel studs poke through the drum. Remove the wheel first of course, remove the screw and then you slide the drum off. Often it's stuck, and a few taps with a hammer loosen it. There is a chance that the pads are in a groove if the drum is worn badly - that could cause a problem taking off the drum.
  • Answer to: Fan comes on when viewing web video or flash

    Flash is VERY cpu intesive. That is why the fans kick in on YouTube and other flash sites
  • Answer to: Why is my iPod mini not playing?

    tried reset / factory restore yet?
  • Answer to: White LCD after LCD replacement

    as so often - any way to go back to a before state? is the old display somehow usable? You may have a bad display, or a compatibility issue, first step would be to restore the state of before the repair to see if any additional damage occurred during the repair
  • Answer to: After Digitizer repair does not come on

    Well, if it worked before you took it apart, and it fails now - in absence of any real solutions, you may be best advised to retrace your repair steps. means taking it apart again, check every connection and cable, and possibly connecting the old, failed part (digitizer) to see if you can get to a 'working' state similar to before the repair.
  • Answer to: Am I using the wrong ethernet cable?

    NO and NO Re the cable, what are you connecting to, you may need a crossover cable?
  • Answer to: Why does it keep on restarting?

    Have you tried to shut it fully down by holding the power button down till it goes off (forced shut off?) That should keep it off - and maybe it behaves after you start it up afterwards - give it a shot
  • Answer to: Won't power up

    May have to try a startup without the drive (in case it is the cause of your problem)
  • Answer to: Unable to power up after replacing Airport Card

    keyboard cable (and the power switch) springs to mind
  • Answer to: 220V power supply?

    what does it say on the label? I 'm not trying to be funny, but have a look on the box, and the PS3 (not sure if it takes an power block) cheers