• Answer to: Where can I buy one of these pentalobe tools

    Wiha Pentalobe Screwdrivers will be available in November 2013. KC Tool already has them listed and will email you as soon as they arrive. These will surely be the best Pentalobe screwdriver you can buy for $8. They have all of the sizes for iPhone, macbook and macbook air and a 6 piece set.
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 proximity sensor not working after replacing BLACK GSM

    We have a lot of repair shops that buy from us and I have heard all of these methods working on certain iPhones. I think it really depends on the iPhone. There is another method not mentioned here of the little lens that you put over the sensor before you install the new screen. We have them for less than $5 and they will fix the problem. I would try all of the free fixes first but if that doesnt work you can find the iPhone 4 Sensor repair lens here.
  • Answer to: The new LCD won't work?

    Have you tried a hard reset? Sometime after LCD repair you will need to hard reset the ipod by holding the power button and home button until the device restarts. Its best to do it while connected to itunes because you'll know the ipod has restarted when it disappears from the devices menu in itunes.
  • Answer to: Why my iBook G3 counldn't boot the CD?

    If you have another Mac with firewire you could also try to boot your new iBook G3 from the other Mac. This would eliminate any question of the optical drive being defective or incompatible OS disc. Boot the other, non intel machine into target disc mode by restarting and holding the T key. Then connect your ibook to it by firewire cable and power it up. It should find the other computer as a hard drive and allow you to boot from it.
  • Answer to: no backlight, could it be a problem of the motherboard?

    I just want to add that there are many components that can cause this problem. In my experience this sounds like a pinched cable, but it could be the cable from the the screen to the inverter board or it could be the cable from the inverter board to the main logic board(motherboard in the PC world). It could also be the inverter board itself and yes it can also be the logic board. I would think the Apple tech would have inspected the cable and noticed any damage but I had a customer once that had the same problem AFTER have her screen replaced by Apple and the cable was not routed properly during installation. I suggest you take it apart and see if you can notice any damage to the cables.
  • Answer to: logic board in GSM iPhone 4 can fix into iPhone 4 cdma?

    No it is not possible. They are very different.
  • Answer to: anyway to fix a MacBook after a liquid spill?

    It really depends on where the liquid went. Many times on the A1181 Macbook with light spills a new keyboard assembly will do the trick. If it gets past the keyboard it usually causes the most damage where the battery connector board meets the main logic board. Sometimes removing the main board and cleaning this area really well can fix the issue. You will see obvious corrosion in this area.
  • Answer to: Broken left handed hinge Titanium Onyx

    This repair is not easy. The hinges and screen bezel are held on with glue and new hinges do not exist anymore. You may be able to find a used one on ebay. attempting to repair it without a replacement hinge would be useless. Due to the extreme amount of leverage that will be placed on the broken hinge it would just pop right back out. In my opinion the effort vs reward would not pay off considering you can pickup a newer 15" powerbook for a few hundred dollars.
  • Answer to: Interchangeable motherboard MacBook black to white?

    Yes, Functionally it will work fin but cosmetically you may not like it. The only difference is the color of the ports. (ethernet, USB, etc) It will stand out a lot more than you think.
  • Answer to: iPhone randomly flips between mute and non-mute

    This is the part you will need to replace. iPhone 3G/3GS Headphone Jack Assembly Its usually the actual switch on here that goes bad.