• Answer to: iPhone 2g got hot replaced battery still hot

    Sounds like an overheat issue. Sometime foreign containments and moisture can damage the logic board over time. Considering it spends most of its time in a pocket or next to a face or in your hand it is prone to the elements. Try removing the logic board and seeing if anything is on the board (dust, calcium deposits from liquid damage, or anything out of the normal). If you see anything get a disposable toothbrush with medium soft bristles and clean the board off. If this doesn't work consider replacing the board or upgrading to a 3g or 3gs from ebay. Replacement iPhone 2G board around $40-$80 iPhone 3G around $160-$250 iPhone 3GS around $285-$400 *These prices are without contracts. I recommend upgrading to at least a 3G since it will become increasingly difficult to find good parts for a 2G model. The 3GS is a fantastic phone, but if you are going to upgrade to that it will be expensive and make sense to consider the iPhone 4. I myself upgraded to the iPhone 4 with a two year contract for $199. Well worth t...
  • Answer to: Xbox 360 will only read DVDs

    Sounds like a dying Disk Drive Laser. Not much you can do here besides try to clean the lens with the proper DVD Drive lens cleaners (bestbuy or You may need to replace the drive. Try ebay for some parts for this older version XBOX. The previous owner may have done something wrong during the installation I would do a teardown and see if you can find anything out of the norm if you have the experience to do so. Good Luck! -Varsity
  • Answer to: multi touch board out of control(trackpad)

    You should be able to use a USB mouse to use your laptop. Should AID in you getting a better diagnosis of what is actually wrong. Also you could boot from leopard and reinstall MAC OSX to ensure that somehow the drivers did not become corrupted. If this all fails it could be water damage. Let us know! Cheers! -Varsity
  • Answer to: How do your remove the keyboard?

    In most cases the plastic area above the keyboard is removed to reveal the screws for the keyboard. I am unfamiliar with your model laptop, but most have the same concept of how the keyboard is manufactured in. If you could upload some pictures of the area around the keyboard it would help everyone better assist you. It's hard to explain without actually seeing the laptop. Cheers! -Varsity
  • Answer to: Can I use the sim card to use in an at&T phone?

    You can do this, but only if the phone is carrier unlocked. You can find cheap unlocked GSM phone's on ebay. GSM is ATT and TMobile's network. You could also buy a cheap ATT phone and attempt to unlock it yourself, but I do not recommend doing this if you are not familiar of how to do it. I hope I answered your question! Cheers! -Varsity
  • Answer to: How to open up PowerBook G4 adapter

    It's machine pressed together when manufactured. This is so the is no chance a consumer can "accidentally" open and become harmed from the high voltage inside. I would just buy a new adapter. Even if you manage to open the adapter you raise the risk of a potential fire 10 fold. I really wouldn't attempt this unless you are VERY familiar with high voltage circuitry. I don't mean to discourage, but just make sure you understand the risks involved. Best of luck! -Varsity
  • Answer to: Can I change the hinges instead of the whole display?

    OK. This is actually more than just the hinges. Since the hinges have worn over time the data cable has also worn out. To fix this you need to replace the hinges and the data cable. This is NOT an easy fix and will take a lot of time to do. (I had to do a repair like this about 2 months ago). All the parts are available on eBay and on iFixit's inventory. iFixit's inventory is much more reliable but if you are willing to go for a knockoff part check out eBay. Be sure to look over all the teardowns and become VERY familiar with the MacBook. You will need to take apart the display itself so you will need to find that on youtube. (iFixit doesn't currently have one.) If all else fails you could always sell it on ebay! Good Luck and don't give up! -Varisty
  • Answer to: will not come on

    Make sure it's not the charger you are using or the usb cable. When it is plugged in press it up to your ear and see if you can hear a "buzzing noise" If you can hear the "Buzzing" you could have a "Dead" iPod If all else fails drop by the apple store for a diagnosis and come back and someone here should be able to help you with a DIY repair for a fraction of the cost apple would charge. Remember Apple diagnosis is free. You won't be obligated to pay any fees for them to assess you iPod. Good Luck! -Varsity
  • Answer to: Screen Cover Broke, What options do I have?

    Hi, eBay is a great place to find all the parts you could need for an iPod/iPhone or literally any well known device. Do a eBay search for the part you need, normally it is pretty straight forward. In you case i would search "iPod nano front screen" or something similar. My experience with eBay is repairing iPhone screens since the original came out. So have confidence. Remember the iPod Nano is one of the most difficult teardowns out there. Be sure to read iFixit's iPod Nano repair guide before doing anything! Hope this helps! -Varsity
  • Answer to: display problem can some one help me?

    My mom accidentally turned her backlight all the way down via the keyboard. She thought her computer was broken lol. Try increasing the brightness. If not you could have a bad LCD. -Varsity