• Answer to: Battery won't charge and Date, Time resets

    First, StevieB: Which battery was replaced, the main / external battery or the PRAM / internal battery? And $39.95 for the internal battery? Second, liz: It sounds like you need a new battery. The same thing happened with my PB. Replacing the battery took care of the problem. I ordered a replacement battery from Amazon for under $30. It arrived about 50% charged, and when it was inserted in the PB, the power connector turned orange (charging). The old, failed battery had one status light (of the five) that was flashing rapidly.
  • Answer to: PowerBook G4 won't turn on

    Axel didn't mention in the original post / question that he had replaced the AC adapter. Question: My PB 15" 1.67 GHz from December 2005 does not run on just the AC adapter. It quit working / turning on, and the battery has the first light that is blinking rapidly. I replaced the faulty battery (that Apple sent on the second day I had the PB because the first battery that came with the PB would not charge) with the battery that came from the previous PB (15" from 2004). That replacement battery took a few hours to charge. After replacing the battery, the PB functioned normally, and the battery showed a full charge.


  • Magic Mouse Teardown

    Quote from Billster:

    Do you know what an optical chopper pair are? They are an IR emitter/receptor pair used to track the scroll wheel rotation. I don't think this mouse has a scroll wheel (or a chopper pair)

    It's surface tracking (laser) does not use a chopper pair (no mouse does)

    I am a engineer (PLC electronics manufacturing) and I can tell you this is a big change (engineering and manufacturing wise) from a standard 3 button mouse. (and I note that the logitech CORDED mice using laser tracking run $25-$80 (bluetooth run $50 & $60) so the price seems dam reasonable.

    R&D Engineering and getting a production run up to speed (QC) all cost lots of money (trust me)

    I just get sick of (mostly poorly informed) people bashing innovative companies for having to recoup their R&D and production set up costs. If you can't (or don't want to) afford it, wait a year or two till it becomes commonplace and most of the R&D have been recouped, the price will undoubtedly drop a bit.

    The prices I see on Logitech's site are $80 and $100 for their Anywhere and Performance mice with Logitech Darkfield Laser Tracking™.

    For larger tear-down images, see, and don't worry if you cannot read the language (Chinese?). It includes the Magic Mouse and iMac tear-downs.

  • iMac Intel 27" EMC 2309 and 2374 Teardown

    So how many fans does this iMac have? The final image with the parts arranged neatly looks like it has three.