• iPhone 4 Verizon Teardown

    "Wikipedia lists just 58 CDMA carriers in about 40 countries, and almost 300 GSM/UTMS carriers.”

    If you want to use ‘3G’ or data CDMA as an option drops considerably. Many countries and carriers went from CDMA to UMTS/HS*PA, not EV-DO.

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    So what's the deal with the Triquint CDMA chips?

  • iPhone 4 Teardown

    Upon doing some research it seems the info listed in Step 16 is taken directly from a Sprint EVO 4G teardown from ChipWorks, for whatever reason. It's not the same list as on the iFixit teardown of the Sprint EVO 4G.

    Also, the Triquint chip shown in the image is not the same number as shown in the associated text column. They do note this is a work in progress so we should give them some leeway, though posting erroneous info is pushing it, even if it is just a placeholder.

  • MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Teardown

    There is no battery indicator on this new MacBook

  • MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Teardown

    I’d wager that the increased run time is due to the LED-backlighting over LCD and that the stated run times are as accurate as previous models.

  • MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Teardown

    Apple doesn’t want you removing the battery yourself so it can be disposed on properly.

  • MacBook Air 11" Late 2010 Teardown

    Yes, you can tell just by looking at the connectors in and slots in the images above. In System Profiler this shows up under Serial-ATA and not PCI Cards.

    One reason for this is that it’s likely using the SATA passthrough first made popular by Asus. What isn’t known if this preserves the mini-PCIe interface or not, thus making 3rd-party mini-PCIe SSDs a simple task for manufacturers.