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  • Answer to: Can I hook up phone to computer to see screen

    Hey, Natalie. I had a 30 pin to VGA connector handy, so I figured I'd test to see if I could get an iPhone 4's image to appear on a monitor by connecting them. Alas, that didn't work -- when I checked the specs of the connector, it said you only get mirroring with the iPhone 4S and higher. So if you have an iPhone 4 or earlier, that won't help. But if you have a 4s or above, this might be what you need: Then I stumbled across a website reviewing software called iTools that's touted for enabling you to display the contents of your iPhone screen on your Mac or PC: Please note that I haven't tried this software and can't vouch for it in any way. But if it works, it sounds like it might fit your needs. The review says it works with models as early as the iPhone 3 and that you don't need to install software on your phone, just on the computer. Hope that helps!
  • Answer to: Trash will not empty or stop trying to empty?

    Try holding the "Option" key down while emptying the trash. And here's an article with more suggestions for deleting stubborn files: These suggestions should help you get rid of the files -- but they may not overwrite the files the way "secure empty" would. To make sure the files are unrecoverable, a program like Shredit X will let you wipe the free space on your disk.
  • Answer to: why won't my macbook eject a dvd?

    Here's a link to a previous thread about ejecting a stuck CD from a Powerbook: And here are some links with practical tips for getting a stuck DVD or CD to eject from a Mac:
  • Answer to: no iTunes mount

    Does the iPod show up in Disk Utility? Sometimes a disk that won't mount will show up in Disk Utility and can be mounted from there. (You could also run disk repairs on it there, which might clear up the problem.)
  • Answer to: I want to replace my HD with ext. one, how to transfer data?

    You'll also want to confirm that your external drive is formatted correctly using Disk Utlilty. To serve as the start up disk for an Intel Mac like your iMac, it needs to be formatted with the GUID option rather than the Apple Partition option (which is what you'd need to boot up a Power PC). And once you've cloned your internal drive to the external drive, you should definitely test to make sure the external drive will boot up your computer by restarting with the Option key held down. Select the external drive when you're given the option. If it boots up correctly and everything seems to be working, you should be good to go to swap the drives.
  • Answer to: move data

    Here's a TUAW article on the subject: Basically, when you're installing OS X on the new drive, select the option to restore the computer from a Time Machine backup. The TUAW article has the details on where to find the options you need.
  • Answer to: Ethernet Port not working-1 wire bent-suggestions?

    Apple sells a usb-to-ethernet adapter, but the reports I've seen say it only works with Intel Macs running 10.5.2 or higher. (See the comments here: ) Not sure if it'll run on a Power PC like your Powerbook, unfortunately. UPDATE: Actually, it looks like folks have been using the adapter with PPCs, but there may be issues with the 10.5.6 upgrade. Check out this thread for more:
  • Answer to: Can you have both bluetooth and airport card in computer

    Apple has a couple of knowledge base articles that deal with the subject: The second article specifically says that in the Macbook Air, using multiple Bluetooth devices can reduce the transfer rate of Airport networks. One of their suggestions is to use the 5 GHz 802.11 network instead of the 2.4 GHz network (an option I believe is only possible with the 802.11n Airport machines). The first article mentions the possibility of Bluetooth/Airport interference without specifying computer models. But it offers the same kind of advice -- such as using the 5 GHz channel and reducing the number of active Bluetooth devices.
  • Answer to: No Image (Camera Not Working)

    The iSight camera wasn't working on my Macbook Air. But after I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled OS X from scratch, it started working. So as a troubleshooting step to rule out software issues, try starting the computer up from a clean OS X install on an external hard drive. If the iSight camera works under those circumstances, it's probably a software issue.
  • Answer to: Ipod is not charging?

    Your iPod may very well be charged -- the "Do not disconnect" notice may just mean that the iPod is mounted on the computer and thus should not be unplugged yet. Open up iTunes to see if an image of the iPod is in the left hand column. If it is, click on the eject button to the right of the iPod image (it's the circular button with the triangle on top of a line). Then the "do not disconnect" message should go away and you should be able to unplug your iPod. If that doesn't work, shut down your computer. When it's completely off, unplug your iPod. With your iPod unplugged, you should be able to determine if it actually charged up.