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  • Answer to: MacBook AIR 2014 trouble with memory card down loading photos

    if possible, try a different card and retry the operation. (i.e. copy photos to another card, then try the Import.) If both have the issue, then possible reader issue. If 2nd one works and first does not, it's possible issue with the card itself.
  • Answer to: Spanned screw, how to remove them?

    You might be able to use one of these sets from iFixit store or similar: Precision Screw Extractor Set
  • Answer to: Bought MacBook Unibody A1342, want to upgrade RAM and Processor Speed.

    That model will take up to 8 gb of RAM: The processor is, as far as I know, soldered in place and not replaceable.
  • Answer to: Hard Drive No Longer Available

    When you confirmed the drive worked in an external enclosure, you used a different connector/cable. I would check the HD to logic board connector/cable next.
  • Answer to: lost screw on upgrade of Mac mini A1347 (tr6)

    I've had some luck finding screws here: Good luck!
  • Answer to: HD that fit 2009 Mac Mini Model A1283 in need 7200rpm

    SSDs will definitely work. The 7 and 9 mm thickness drives will fit - the 7mm will likely need a spacer - some drives include them. The guides here on iFixit work very well for the 2009 model.
  • Answer to: running osx 10.6.8 what can I upgrade to?

    Dan - I was not disagreeing with the Lion part - just that Lion is 10.7, not 10.6. 10.6 is Snow Leopard.
  • Answer to: MBP cannot start. Powers up hdd then shuts Down

    Torben; Is your secondary drive bootable? If so, restart, and hold Option key when chime sounds or screen turns on. After a few moments, a list of bootable devices will appear. - If a bootable device is available, select it for boot, and troubleshoot the problem drive. - If not, boot to an external bootable backup drive on USB or Firewire port and troubleshoot.
  • Answer to: Mac Pro 1.1 Change out CPU

    I also have a Mac Pro 1,1. I replaced the dual 5160s with 5355s. I replaced the stock ATI video card with an ATI Radeon HD 4870, and have 6 SATA drives running. (2 are in the DVD drive bay) No power issues. For the firmware, see,... (need to sign in to see the downloads) There is a "Mac Pro 2006-2007 Firmware Tool" available that will upgrade the firmware to show the correct processor name and type, and also recognize the Mac Pro as a Mac Pro 2,1.
  • Answer to: Keyboard backlight does not light, even after replacement.

    Fixed it. It turns out that the keyboard backlight connector is very position-sensitive. I went back in and reseated all the keyboard-related connectors (again!) and was finally able to get the backlight working again. Tim O