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  • Answer to: What is the best way to dry used desiccant Silica-Gel?

    Just leave them a day in the sun, it will do.
  • Answer to: Will not boot, grey screen

    In same old macs they didn't boot if the clock batery was dead, I don't know if it is the case but check the battery voltage just in case.
  • Answer to: Wall mounting

    what about holes in the ceiling? And hanging them in nylon or metal wires close to the wall??
  • Answer to: LED backlit LCD - will it last forever?

    The other advantage of the LED is that the emited light is more constant during his life, in color and luminance.
  • Answer to: What's the best way to damage an optical drive?

    This can happen if there is a disc inside the drive and if the disc is spinning you hear a "scratching" noise when you hold the laptop like that. You can't see it because it barely bends but bends enough to damage make the disc touche the drive, I've heard that noise some times but didn't damage the drive but a friend of mine wasn't so lucky and had to replace the drive, it just stop reading discs. Does anyone else have the same opinion or had this problem?
  • Answer to: What's the best way to damage an optical drive?

    This is more a tip then a question but for now is the only place to put it... NEVER hold your MBP just on the right side with the screen open. Normaly everyone passes the laptop to others like this but in the case of a MBP (except the unibody) this can damage the optical drive. The drive is very close to the aluninium body and this one bends when you hold the laptop like this and specialy if you have a disc spinning in the drive you will problably damage it.
  • Answer to: Computer only boots when cold, any suggestion?

    I've cleaned the old and used a new paste. When it boots it works normaly until I power it off. The fans start normaly. The screen is completly black no chime and the power led fade in and out. AS for the OS I don't think is relevant at this boot level but is Leopard with all the updates, sorry can't remember the version. I think that is somthing related with soldering that expands with the heat and stops making contact. As for a problem with the sensor, it could be but I think it would't work hours without shuting down. In the original state it only booted twice in 3 months... Then a friend told me to try a heat gun. So we did it very carfuly for keeping the components in place and using a screw driver to apply a small pressure. First we did it in the CPU and after in the chipset, and now is in this state that is far better, it boots every day as long as is cold!
  • Answer to: I have a coloured line down the middle of my screen, can I fix it?

    If you just don't care if it can get worse you can try to dissasemble the metal frame from the screen, not from the laptop but the screen itself. First you can, with some care, try to press all around then edges of the screen. If you are more desperate in some screens (I never did it on a Mac) you can clean the rubber that makes the contact between the glass and the board, but you need to completly dissasemble the screen. What happens is that most of the times a complete line failing is a bad contact in one point and there is no power going to the line. Of corse if you brake the screen you can end up with the same effect and this wont solve anything.
  • Answer to: What should I do after I spill liquid on my device?

    I helped a friend with an iPhone 3G that took a shower in a cup of tea and I just left the device open for 2 days and reassembled it. In his case the LCD got some black lines and the battery died. After the replacement of these parts it was new again. Before doing this REMOVE THE BATTERY if possible. In the case of salt water, juice, coffie you can wash it with distilled water, in the case of salt water even with tap water is better then nothing. Then just leave it drying for some time if possible open. There is a more specific product that sometimes I use that is Kontakt Chemie PCC.