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  • Answer to: Can I install a super drive at home?

    proper link to the manual: http://www.wilko.com/eMac/ Pay attention when disconnecting power switch, use sheet of paper to take notes about locations of the screws (there are a lot of them), and have at least 2h of time, as you're going to disassembly almost whole computer. Good Luck
  • Answer to: My logic board is dead?

    You should definitely contact Apple Service - looks like at least part of your MacBookPro has been heavy overheated. :( They should be able do diagnose the problem/suggest solution.
  • Answer to: the macBook appears to be stuck in sleep mode

    0. Connect AC adaptor, make sure it's plugged in 1. Check if screen brightness is not set to 0 - AFAIR it will be F1-F2 keys 2. Connect USB device like mouse/keyboard/<wbr />pendrive - it can wake up 3. If 1&amp;2 doesn't help - you can shut laptop down by pressing power key - then start it up and check Energy Saver settings 4. If it will stuck in sleep again consider resseting PMU, read Apple Support article - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964 5. If PMU reset won't help contact Apple - it can be kind of hardware problem
  • Answer to: corrupted ipod

    Start with Apple's guide: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1339
  • Answer to: How dangerous is working on a CRT display?

    I was able to replace disks and CDs in a few eMacs, without discharging (Yes, I know, formally it was not the smartest idea) My remarks: 1. eMacs (especially older ie 700MHz) were Big PITA to disassemble 2. I followed Apple Service Manuals for those models - don't even thing about disassembling eMacs without them (or iFixit guides ;) 3. I tried keep as far as possible from CRT (it was not so hard after all - after I removed cover, disconnected Power button (another PITA), and then disconnected 2 or 3 cables around CRT I have to unplug, I have to concentrate on the bottom of eMac, where logic board/CD (yeah, there were models with CD-ROM drive only). Another PITA. 4. CRT was integrated with front cover, and it looks as really Non-User-Servicable-Part
  • Answer to: Will not boot, grey screen

    remove as much RAM as possible, unplug all unnecessary devices (USB/FW etc) find and use CUDA button http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1939 If this not helps remove battery for some time (ie 1h) then place it again If none of this help, I'm afraid that you have a hardware problem :(
  • Answer to: Power Mac G5 won't read DVDs

    If it's orginal Superdrive that came with this G5, it's probably just worn out. Just replace it with any DVD cheap drive - in DTP Studio I was taking care of, I have to replace intensively used DVD drives every year.
  • Answer to: What should I do after I spill liquid on my device?

    Call from another office: &quot;Macbook flooded with cup of coffee! Help!&quot;. &quot;Remove battery, put some paper towels on keyboard, turn it upside down, send it to me&quot;. It was really flooded, even HD was covered with coffee, of course HD containing VeryImportantDa<wbr />taNeededASAP. I removed logic board from HD and washed it in denatured alcohol, dried, reassembled, and it worked. Macbook warranty was over, so I decided that I have nothing to loose. I took another Macbook, went to ifixit.com and started disassembling it completly - http://bit.ly/2cDOva. I washed keyboard and logic board in denatured alcohol too, lefr it for weekend to dry, then reassembled it. It worked like charm, I was pretty surprised :) and then accidentally I spilled denaturated alcohol on another Macbook, that forced me to dissasembly it too (thx ifixit again) and learned me a lesson: ALWAYS SEAL THE BOTTLE!!!