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  • Answer to: Can I install a super drive at home?

    proper link to the manual: http://www.wilko.com/eMac/ Pay attention when disconnecting power switch, use sheet of paper to take notes about locations of the screws (there are a lot of them), and have at least 2h of time, as you're going to disassembly almost whole computer. Good Luck
  • Answer to: My logic board is dead?

    You should definitely contact Apple Service - looks like at least part of your MacBookPro has been heavy overheated. :( They should be able do diagnose the problem/suggest solution.
  • Answer to: the macBook appears to be stuck in sleep mode

    0. Connect AC adaptor, make sure it's plugged in 1. Check if screen brightness is not set to 0 - AFAIR it will be F1-F2 keys 2. Connect USB device like mouse/keyboard/pendrive - it can wake up 3. If 1&2 doesn't help - you can shut laptop down by pressing power key - then start it up and check Energy Saver settings 4. If it will stuck in sleep again consider resseting PMU, read Apple Support article - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964 5. If PMU reset won't help contact Apple - it can be kind of hardware problem
  • Answer to: corrupted ipod

    Start with Apple's guide: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1339
  • Answer to: How dangerous is working on a CRT display?

    I was able to replace disks and CDs in a few eMacs, without discharging (Yes, I know, formally it was not the smartest idea) My remarks: 1. eMacs (especially older ie 700MHz) were Big PITA to disassemble 2. I followed Apple Service Manuals for those models - don't even thing about disassembling eMacs without them (or iFixit guides ;) 3. I tried keep as far as possible from CRT (it was not so hard after all - after I removed cover, disconnected Power button (another PITA), and then disconnected 2 or 3 cables around CRT I have to unplug, I have to concentrate on the bottom of eMac, where logic board/CD (yeah, there were models with CD-ROM drive only). Another PITA. 4. CRT was integrated with front cover, and it looks as really Non-User-Servicable-Part
  • Answer to: Will not boot, grey screen

    remove as much RAM as possible, unplug all unnecessary devices (USB/FW etc) find and use CUDA button http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1939 If this not helps remove battery for some time (ie 1h) then place it again If none of this help, I'm afraid that you have a hardware problem :(
  • Answer to: Power Mac G5 won't read DVDs

    If it's orginal Superdrive that came with this G5, it's probably just worn out. Just replace it with any DVD cheap drive - in DTP Studio I was taking care of, I have to replace intensively used DVD drives every year.
  • Answer to: What should I do after I spill liquid on my device?

    Call from another office: "Macbook flooded with cup of coffee! Help!". "Remove battery, put some paper towels on keyboard, turn it upside down, send it to me". It was really flooded, even HD was covered with coffee, of course HD containing VeryImportantDataNeededASAP. I removed logic board from HD and washed it in denatured alcohol, dried, reassembled, and it worked. Macbook warranty was over, so I decided that I have nothing to loose. I took another Macbook, went to ifixit.com and started disassembling it completly - http://bit.ly/2cDOva. I washed keyboard and logic board in denatured alcohol too, lefr it for weekend to dry, then reassembled it. It worked like charm, I was pretty surprised :) and then accidentally I spilled denaturated alcohol on another Macbook, that forced me to dissasembly it too (thx ifixit again) and learned me a lesson: ALWAYS SEAL THE BOTTLE!!!