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  • iPhone 3G Dock Connector Replacement

    Hm, swapped the docking assembly, but now my phone will only show the apple logo for a few seconds, then goes black. Switched back to my original dock connector, but I have the same problem. Tried the power+home trick, but no dice. Don't think the battery is short cirquited, but not sure, tried to measure it, only got about 3.6 volt, but unsure where which og the pins to measure on.

    I was able to boot the phone before swapping out the dock (wanted to swap it because I had no sound from the speaker plus no wifi antenna due to a ripped cord) but not after swapping back. I've gone over all connections and I am fairly sure everyting is hooked up as it should.


  • iPhone 1st Generation Battery Replacement

    What do I do if the red connector to the mother board comes off? Is there any other point I could solder to?