Samsung Refrigerator Forced Defrost Mode

Samsung Refrigerator Forced Defrost Mode

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Forced defrost mode is a very useful cycle available to you on nearly all Samsung refrigerators with digital, button-based or touchscreen controls.

Forced defrost is particularly useful for checking the defrost system's function. You will usually hear water dripping and occasional hissing noises if it functions.

  • You can remove excess ice that can form on the evaporators and sometimes prevent the compartment(s) from cooling correctly.
  • Run it several times in succession to remove ice buildup; sometimes, this is enough to restore the evaporator system's proper function.
  • Most units offer defrost for the fresh food compartment only or a whole unit defrost that turns on both the fresh food and freezer defrost.

If you can't remove the rear panel of your fresh food compartment or freezer because it seems stuck, running a forced defrost may melt enough ice to free the panel.

Generally Applicable Information

Depending on your refrigerator model and control layout, several button sequences are used for setting forced defrost. It is entered via a forced test or service mode that includes modes for running the compressor and the fans. Some common elements:

  • When you enter the force mode, the display often goes blank, and the unit does not beep. Some will show 88 88 in the temperature displays
  • Generally, you must move step-by-step through this forced mode to reach the forced defrost mode.
  • Sometimes, a particular button must be used to do the stepping.
  • You should wait a few seconds between steps. (Samsung often recommends 5-second pauses between button pushes.)
  • The forced defrost modes are displayed as follows:
    • rd stands for refrigerator defrost (the fresh food compartment) and is usually the first forced defrost mode reached as you step through the modes.
    • Fd stands for forced defrost. This is usually the second defrost mode reached when stepping through all the modes. On some units, this is the only mode available. It turns on all defrost systems on the refrigerator.
  • Once you are in this mode, you have 15 seconds to press another button, which will start the "manual mode." Depending on what you want, you can keep pressing that button until you get to Fd or rd.
    • With a dual evaporator unit, you should force defrost the fresh food portion (rd); with a single evaporator or some dual evaporators that don't offer rd, you want Fd.
    • If you go too far, it will cancel the operation. Just start over if that happens

The location of the controls on the refrigerator is frequently associated with the button sequence used. We will divide them up by control location. We will also mention model families at the end of the section when applicable with the date of the literature source.

Control on the Upper Edge of the Fresh Food Compartment

For models with controls on the upper portion of the refrigerator rim inside the doors: Press Power Freeze + Fridge simultaneously for 8-12 seconds. Use the Fridge button to advance the modes. Some models use Freezer to advance. Allow 5 seconds between button pushes. (RF26H Yr 2014-12-31)

Control Located on the Sidewall of the Fresh Food Compartment

For models with this control location, you can press Fridge + Flex Zone simultaneously for 8-12 seconds. Use the Flex Zone button to advance the mode.

Control Located on the Left Hand French Door

For models with controls above the ice and water dispenser on the door: Energy Saver button + Fridge ( or Power Cool) button pressed simultaneously for 8-12 Seconds. You can use the Fridge button to advance through the modes, although other buttons may be used. (RF268, RF 24 - Yr 2013, RF267 Yr 2012-11, RF323 Yr 2012-5, RF4267HA (power cool, no fridge button Yr 2013-10, RF 4287 Yr 2013-09 (see 4267)

Touchscreen Controls on the Front of the Refrigerator

Samsung utilizes hidden buttons to allow access to testing modes on these refrigerators. It is called "Engineer Mode".

The "buttons" are in the upper left (A) and upper right (B) corners of the screen. You press them in the sequence A-B-A-B-A-B within three seconds. This will put you into "Engineer Mode." From there, use the following sequence:

  • Choose Fridge Function Test —THEN follow the applicable steps below
    • Choose Force Run from the onscreen menu buttons (newer fridge)
      • Then choose rd or Fd from the list
    • Choose Test Mode from the menu (older fridge)
      • Then, use the "Next" button to scroll through the choices for defrosting.

Other Methods:

  • Freezer + Fresh Select. Use Freezer to step thru modes (used on a 4 Door fridge from 2009)
  • Power Cool + Fridge Use Freezer to step thru modes (used on a bottom freezer two evaporator fridge from 2009)
  • Freezer+ Lighting together for 8 seconds

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