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This break down will enable you to dismantle your ipod nano 1st generation without breaking it.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your iPod Nano 1st Generation, use our service manual.

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  • 1. Using an ipod unclipping tool (which could be a knife or similar to it), unclip the outer casing by putting the tool into the connection point. This should pop the case off. Note that force will need to be used.

Holy cow! That battery is bulged!

Lucas Hoekstra (Lucas9810) - Reply

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  • 2. Remove the circuit board by unscrewing the 3 screws that hold it down. Note that specialised screwdrivers may need to be used.

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  • 3. Remove battery by carefully detaching the connect wire that’s connected to the circuit board. Note that tweezers may need to be used to help pull the tab out.

Is it just me or does it look like that battery is about to burst?

TuxRug - Reply

Wow, yeah that thing is toast.

Andrew Bookholt -

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  • 4. The screen has 3 different sections, each held down by glue so necessary force is needed. First remove the acrylic backing that supports the screen and then the main part of the screen. The last thing to remove is the paper-thin cover.

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  • 5. Removing the touchpad is easy and simple as there are layered parts on top of each other, just simply pull them off.

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  • 6. Finally you should have the ipod dismantelled and you should be able to put the ipod back together.

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when i put the rear cover back on, the charging station doesn't line up correctly and the charging station sticks out a bit. any advice?

krnchang - Reply

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