A video step teardown of the ZTE Axon.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your ZTE Axon, use our service manual.

  • Remove the card tray, upper and lower back covers.

Come on now. Don't rely on videos to much, using my data a lot.

Nickoakz - Reply


I want to fix my cracked screen by using this guide. Do I need to disassemble my whole phone like your videos to replace only the cracked screen?

Tom Vandesmal - Reply

I have the same question about replacing a cracked screen.

Brian Formato -

what do you use to slide open the edges?..

ley - Reply

  • The back covers and screw locations.

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  • Remove the screws securing the back housing assembly.

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  • Open the back housing assembly.

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  • Remove the back housing assembly.

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  • Remove the fingerprint sensor and flash sub-board.

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  • Remove the NFC sensor.

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  • Remove the speaker box.

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  • Free the front camera and disconnect the connectors.

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  • Free the RF cable and remove the screws securing the mainboard.

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  • Remove the mainboard. The CPU, RAM and ROM of AXON.

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  • Remove the earpiece speaker, back camera and vibrator unit.

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  • Remove the battery.

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  • The heat pipe radiator. Remove the sub-board.

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  • Composing of AXON, part 1.

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  • Composing of AXON, part 2. The end.

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My camera stop working...Everytime I open it," Unable to connect to camera,Camera has been disabled because of security policies or is being used by other apps" I tried fully reseting the phone but it still won't work. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Felipe Ambrogini - Reply

throw it in the garbage because this a garbage phone honestly. I did the same because Fido were not able and willing to fix it . It was less than a month old.

alitoronto47 -

yes I've similar issues and while FIDO was happy to take my money to sell the phone, FIDO disowned it months later when it provided to be a total piece of crap and would not assist to have it repaired... FIDO ceased to carry this model less one hear after bringing it to market. totall suspect.

ollie - Reply

On the first day, SIM tray won't pop up. I know I placed a hand-cut nano-SIM as strictly prohibited. I sent it back to the manufacturer's repair center, before I mess up. The reply was just shocking, the repair costs more than I paid for the purchase! I may keep it as a Wi-Fi-only smart phone , or challenge to fix it by myself to damp as a garbage at worst.

Your video suggests to remove the card tray first. If it is mandated, I have no way to proceed. The stupid appreciates any suggestion to proceed. Thanks.

TY Gucci - Reply

You don't really know how bad a phone this is until you disassemble it. This side trim (which also seals the display unit) comes apart when you start to pry the back off. The battery is glued into the body, and when you remove the battery, the foil wrap around it also comes apart. The foil is literally the battery case, so you have a dangerously exposed battery once you remove it. The battery ribbon cable is so thin that it broke apart from from minimal force of removing the battery. There is also a loose piece of copper in there, which may explain why the new battery won't charge (or, it's a defective replacement, which wouldn't surprise me, either). I also see why my 4G signal is so low--the antenna is a piece of foil on the inside of the top cap on the back. It makes a very light contact with connectors on the body of the phone. Horrible design. This phone is the worse piece of junk I have ever seen. I bought it for $150 because it had specs similar to the Samsung Galaxy. No comparison.

Ken Nagelberg - Reply

Hi do you know where I can get an LCD screen for axon ZTE a2016 ?

Rose - Reply

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