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This month, we're cracking the case of the Withings Body Cardio, one of the most advanced consumer body composition weighing scales on the market today.

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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Withings Body Cardio, use our service manual.

Opening up the scale was not an easy task – there was a lot of double-sided tape involved.
  • Opening up the scale was not an easy task – there was a lot of double-sided tape involved.

  • The back of the scale is fastened with four Torx screws – easy enough. The entire backplate, however, is glued to the front with double-sided adhesive cushions. Removing it simply involved pulling it firmly enough to break the adhesive, but not so hard as to break the connectors.

  • With the backplate removed, you can immediately spot 4 loads cells, one in each corner.

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  • ARM MCU - MK22FN1M0VLL12 (NXP)

  • weighing scale and body composition front-end IC - AFE4300 (Texas Instruments)

  • battery charging IC (including battery protection) - BQ24095 (Texas Instruments)

  • WiFi and Bluetooth radio - BCM43438 (Broadcom)

  • flash memory - MX25L3233F (Macronix)

  • op-amp - AD8544

  • connector to the USB port PCB

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  • I’ve made an attempt to design a block diagram for the whole setup. This won’t be 100% accurate as I don’t know all the details but it will give you an idea on how the components are interlinked and work together.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, wouldn’t guess the double sided tape trick without your help.

Soon my scale will be deactivated by Nokia and was wondering what I can do with it.

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