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This is my first Teardown! Please don’t be negative about it. But, Constructive Criticism is welcome.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Sony Audio System RM-S100 Remote, use our service manual.

On the back of the remote there will be a battery cover. Open it up.
  • On the back of the remote there will be a battery cover. Open it up.

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See the little tab?
  • See the little tab?

  • Don't break the tab when you open it. That will make it un-close-able!

  • Use your Spudger to open it up

  • Don’t snap your Spudger!

  • This is so incredibly hard to open. I recommend also using a 3.5mm Flat Head so you don’t snap your Spudger.

  • Voila! (Whatever that means...) Its open!

  • This is very hard to open without breaking the tab or your Spudger. The repairability score will take a hit.

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  • Let’s start by removing the red thing.

  • You can remove it with your fingers.

  • Now pull out the PCB. (It is best to pull by the springs.)

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  • Pull out the button pad.

  • Now, pull out the spring.

  • And thats it!

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  • A total of 7 parts. (I was expecting more.)

  • I would give this a repairability score of 8 out of 10.

  • I almost Broke by Spudger =(

  • Insanely hard to open.

  • Easy to disassemble... once open.

  • No screws. (No Screws to lose! No need remember which screw goes where.)

  • Easy to assemble...unless the tab was broken.

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This is a great first teardown! =) Keep it up!

Sam Lionheart - Reply

Thanks! I would do more but I don’t have much junk to disassemble that I don’t need.

Aiden Baker -

Hi @captainsnowball ,


voilà French exclamation - meaning “There it is!” or “There you are!”

The “red thing” in Step 3 is most probably an IR filter, to filter out visible light to improve IR operation

jayeff - Reply

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